Will Traeger Work Without Pellets?

Traeger is an excellent smoker capable of producing great-tasting food, but the pellets are the main factor that makes it different from the other grills in the market. Wood Pellets used in the Traeger grills are good enough to provide a hearty smoke that’s well worth it for just for any recipe to get that rich smoky flavor. 

Now, the question is will Traeger work without pellets. The answer is but obvious, No. Because the Traeger is designed specifically for wood pellets and is the main fuel that helps cook food inside the Traeger. If you do not put pellets it will not work. And you also can not use other kinds of fuels in Traeger other than wood pellets. Doing so may spoil the Traeger system and you may end up nothing but disappointment. 

So, ultimately Traeger grill will not work without pellets as it is the main fuel for cooking the food.

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Can You Use Other Fuels On Traeger Aside From Pellets?

Pellets are important for the main function of your Traeger grill: cooking food. Fuels other than wood Pellets are not good to run your smoker and may cause damage to the unit. Wood pellets also help to prevent flare-ups and produce better-cooked food more evenly. Also, wood pellets are safe for your food as they do not emit any kind of harmful gases while combustion.

What Are Alternative Fuels You Can Use On Traeger Aside From Pellets?

You can not use any alternative fuel for the Traeger grill. Traeger pellet grill is specially designed for cooking food with only wood pellets. If you use alternative fuel in your Traeger grill it may hamper its performance and overall cooking ability. Cooking food with the wood pellets keeps the food safe while grilling as they are made out of natural wood. 

Why Is It Important To Stick To Pellets On A Traeger Grill?

Pellets are the best fuel for the Trager grill and it is going to be the only reason to create the smoke inside your Traeger. Using wood pellets to cook food will be safe for you because they are completely free from harmful substances. Of course, you have to pay a little money when you buy them. But they will offer you the security you seek in any product.

Trager pellets also have a high BTU output, which means they produce excellent results when it comes to smoking, grilling, and searing.

What Happens If You Run Out Of Pellets?

If you run out of pellets, you will have to refill using an auger. Even if you don’t run out of pellets, you can still fill your hopper using the auger. Also note that if the pellet hopper runs dry, the grill will automatically shut off to prevent damage to your grill.

How Fast Do Pellets Run Out?

Multiple factors go into the speed at which pellets burn, including how much air is being sucked into the combustion chamber, and the temperature of the space. It really does depend on how your grill works with the pellets that you choose. It’s important to understand what types of pellets work best for your particular grill or smoker, as well as your desired results. Just remember, the higher the temperature you’re cooking at, the quicker those pellets will burn through.

Can You Use Any Kind Of Pellets On A Traeger?

Traeger is often considered the best pellet grill company because of its good quality and consistency. Traeger always recommends using their own pellets to get the best performance out of the grill. If you’re using pellets from other company’s brands, you are more likely to have problems. The Traeger pellet grill manufacturers that make their own pellets guarantee a better experience and better cooking results for you when you use their own brands of wood pellets. Also, if you are using other alternative wood pellets in your Traeger grills that means you are voiding your Traeger grill warranty. 

If you are least worried about the consequences of using any kind of pellets other than Trager wood pellets then you can definitely use them in your Traeger grills.

Can You Use a Pit Boss Pellet in Traeger grills?

Pellets produced by Traeger are specifically designed to work with their grills. Ingredients and flavor are the same for Pit Boss brand pellets and Traeger’s brand pellets. A Pit Boss pellet will work fine in your Traeger. You’ll notice they’re thicker than the Traeger pellets but if you buy Pit Boss pellets, it will work to cook your meat.

But remember if you use other brands’ pellets, in such scenarios, you are voiding the Traeger grills warranty policy and you may end up not getting any kind of customer support for any kind of further malfunctioning of the grill due to various possible reasons.

How Long Does A Full Hopper Of Pellets Last In A Traeger At 225?

The Traeger Pellet Grill has a wood pellet hopper with handles and an ejector mechanism. This is the hopper that fills with pellets. The Traeger will provide around  6 to 20 hours of cooking for every 20 pounds of Traeger wood pellet bag depending on how much temperature you are setting for cooking and grilling. A great benefit to have a Trager pellet smoker in your backyard is that they don’t dump excess carbon into the environment. The Traeger grills are truly revolutionary and environmentally friendly.

Does Using Non-Traeger Pellets Voids The Warranty?

Traeger makes their pellets from a fully reputable recipe with high-quality natural ingredients. Using low-quality pellets other than Traeger pellets may cause your smoker to malfunction. If you don’t use the right kind of pellets, then no warranty is left, even if it’s basic. Traeger claims that using any other brand of pellets will void the warranty. 


Trager grill can not work without pellets as it needs wood pellets to cook the food. Your food can not be cooked without filling up the hopper with wood pellets. Also, you can not use any other kind of fuel other than wood pellets. Traeger highly recommends using their own brand pellets as they are specifically designed to operate the Traeger grill system smoothly.