Can You Rotisserie On A Traeger Grill?

Traeger grills are very popular grills to smoke, roast, cook, grill, and sear your food. As it is the most versatile grill in the market which allows you to cook your food with several cooking styles. Because of their versatility, these grills are gaining attention from all barbecue lovers. These grills are portable and compact. But can you also Rotisserie on a Traeger?

Is there an arrangement for the Rotisserie rod inside the Traeger grill?

Well, the Traeger grill does not come with the arrangement for Rotisserie. However, with some external arrangements, you can use your Traeger grill for Rotisserie.

We are going to provide you one hack to use your Traeger grill for Rotisserie so keep reading this article.

Traeger Grill

Why Don’t They Have Rotisserie in Traeger Grill?

The Traeger grill already distributes temperature evenly so it does not need a rod to rotate and cook the food. As Rotisserie’s main purpose is to cook food evenly, so is the main purpose of any Traeger grill. You can cook the whole chicken as good as you can cook with a Rotisserie rod. So, Traeger grills do not have a Rotisserie to cook a whole chicken. 

Can You Still Put a Rotisserie on a Traeger?

Even if the Traeger grill is not made with a Rotisserie arrangement, you can definitely do some arrangements to put a rod in the Traeger grill with some hacks. You can take one rod of equal size as of your Traeger grill and hammer two pegs on the sideways as shown in the video below. And can put it in the slots that are already provided over there in the Traeger grill for installing grill grates. And this rod now will work as a Rotisserie rod on a Traeger grill. It won’t rotate but as the temperature in the Traeger grill is evenly distributed your chicken is going to get cooked nicely and evenly with this simple trick.

How Do I Use The Rotisserie on My Traeger Grill?

The Traeger grill does not come with an inbuilt rotisserie rod. So, if you want to make use of Rotisserie on your Traeger grill you will need to do the arrangement on your own. The hack is to put the rod inside by drilling clips on the sideways. You should take one teakwood rod and drill the clips on the sideways and put that rod inside the Traeger grill so that its clips perfectly fit on the slots where grill grates need to be installed. 

Why is Rotisserie Better?

A rotisserie grill is a common method of grilling. It consists of a rotary engine that contains a rod where food is placed. The motor spins the rod, which spins the food attached to the rod, and causes all sides to cook at the same time. It produces more consistent results, heating even the center of the meat because food rotates as it cooks. The advantage of using a rotisserie is that the food gets nice and browned externally while remaining juicy inside.


All the Traeger grills are not designed for rotisserie because they work on different mechanisms than an oven or any traditional cooking method. The whole chicken is evenly cooked inside the Traeger grill without any special arrangement for rotisserie. However, if you want that special arrangement inside your Traeger grill then you can do it by yourself with some DIY hacks.