Is Traeger a Grill or Smoker?

The Traeger grill is a versatile product; it is a smoker as well as a grill. With this Traeger grill, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, & also can BBQ at your favorite outdoor spaces. The features are adjustable and made so that the cooked food is tasty and healthy. They have different options and settings to meet your need for any cooking style. Each person has their own cooking styles and has their own preferences, and the Traeger grill is perfect for everyone. 


Can You Grill Without Smoke On a Traeger?

Yes, you can use a Traeger pellet grill without smoke. When you are using a high-temperature setting, the pellets will get very hot and burn very fast, making it smoke a little. And because of high heat, you can easily grill your food really very fast. The Traeger pellet grill is a better choice than a traditional pellet smoker because it uses Digital Pro Controller technology. It has a Smart Smoke Technology and is made of a stainless steel lid, a metal body, and a porcelain-enameled interior. 

Is Traeger The Best Smoker?

The Traeger pellet smoker is an extremely versatile grill and is, of course, the best smoker. It will give a very nice flavor to your food with the help of its advanced technology. In Traeger, you can control the amount of smoke you want to grill or cook your food. You can adjust the temperature on the thermostat and can cook your food the way you want.

Traeger grill has superior performance and indeed serves many purposes for your cooking. What this means is that you can smoke, roast, barbecue, and bake foods perfectly in a Traeger grill with minimum effort.

Is Traeger Smoking Bad For You?

Traeger grills use wood pellets that are completely safe for your health. Traeger wood pellets are made from 100% natural wood, and no chemicals are added to them to make them harmful. Traeger grills do smoke well and have no harmful gases or substances produced during combustion that can cause any kind of health hazards to your body. So, the Traeger grill smoking is not bad for you.

What Are The Pros and Cons of a Traeger Grill?

Traeger grill is a great automated system to grill and smoke food outdoors. And it comes with multiple pros and cons. 

Pros of Traeger Grill

There are various pros of using Traeger grill for outdoor cooking we are mentioning them as per the following

  • Consistent temperature enables you to cook food exactly the way you want
  • Consistency will ensure that all of your food is cooked the way it should be without burning or becoming dry. 
  • Has the ability to cook various food at the same time.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It comes with great versatility as you can smoke, grill, cook, bake and roast your food in it.

Cons of Traeger Grill

Even though Traeger grills are one of the best that satisfy all your outdoor cooking needs, there are still few drawbacks of using Taeger grills. We are mentioning them as per the following.

  • The Traeger grill needs electricity as well as pellets to run.
  • Because it needs electricity, you will need to arrange for it when you go to outstations.
  • Wood pellets are a little more expensive than other fuel types.
  • You have to be very attentive about the wood pellets as if it gets moisture they will lose its characteristics, and you will not be able to use them for grilling anymore.

Is a Pellet Grill Worth The Money?

Yes, pellet grills are a little costlier, but they are worth it. They are easy to operate and versatile. You can cook good, wood, and smoky flavored food in the Traeger grill, and they will need very little effort. You just need to plug in and adjust the temperature as per your need. And stay back; your food will automatically get cooked without any hassle.

They come up with a great hopper capacity so you will not run out of fuel while cooking. You can smoke, grill, roast, bake, sear and braise your food and enjoy your kind of cooking style.

Can You Sear With a Pellet Grill?

Yes, you can sear with a pellet grill. A pellet grill will allow you to achieve higher temperatures, sear even larger meat hunks more safely, and be less likely to burn food than any other grilling technique. This whole thing is possible because of its great digital control system technology, which allows spread the temperature evenly all across the food and tastes amazing. 

Do Pellet Grills Taste Like Charcoal?

Some people prefer to cook on a charcoal grill because of the taste of food. The taste can be described as being smoky, which adds an extra flavor to the food. Pellet grills taste as good as charcoal grills, but the food cooked in the Traeger pellet grills is safer and healthier than the charcoal grills because pellets are natural and do not release any harmful substances while burning. For this reason, only the Traeger grill is gaining a lot of attention among all BBQ lovers.

Are Traeger Pellets Toxic?

The fact is that Traeger pellets are natural and are made of wood. They don’t have chemicals or artificial ingredients, so there shouldn’t be any risk. All-natural products have absolutely no downside if used appropriately for cooking. However, you have to make sure that you buy them from a trusted manufacturer to minimize the risk of additives being added. 

Do Traeger grills cause cancer?

No, there is no evidence that Traeger grills cause cancer. The gases released by the wood pellets, used as fuel in the Traeger grill, do not possess any harmful substances. These grills are safer and cleaner than any other kind of grills available in the market.

Why are pellet grills so expensive?

Pellet grills are about 15–20% more expensive than other kinds of grills because they require additional equipment such as a motorized auger, hot rod igniter, induction fan, and a control panel. But they are totally worth it because they are most versatile as you can cook, smoke, bake, sear, and roast your food the way you want.

Moreover, they are easy to use, you just need to adjust the temperature in the thermostat, and the food gets cooked automatically without paying a lot of attention and worrying about burning or overcooking.


This awesome Traeger grill can be used for six different cooking methods! It’s a smoker, BBQ, baking oven, a roaster and also can be used to braise and roast. Although many assume this grill is only a smoker, instead there are many uses for this grill. It could be the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking accessories because of its portability and versatility.