Does A Traeger Smoke At 225 Degrees?

When I first bought my Traeger smoker a couple of years back, I wasn’t sure what temperature to use it at. I read a lot of forums and watched a ton of YouTube videos. I tried really tight cooking at 225° and then really loose cooking at 225°–240°. I usually cooked at 225° then turned it up to 275° to finish, but I always wondered what the true temp. of a Traeger was.

A Traeger grill allows you to smoke at low temperatures of 165 degrees up to 225 degrees. The Super Smoke mode allows you to make your food super tasty with 100% hardwood smoke.

Traeger grill is a breakthrough in smoking technology that enables the grill to get the highest amount of smoke delivery at 165 up to 225 degrees F.

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What Temp Does Traeger Smoke At?

Smoke is an essential flavor component of BBQ. To be successful at Traeger grill smoking, you will need to get your grill hotter than the typical 165 degrees F. You can activate different temperature settings for smoke to unlock the right flavor and taste to various food items.

How Do I Get My Traeger to Smoke More?

You can get the maximum amount of smoke if you take care of the following simple things. 

Set Proper Temperature

If you are trying to get your Traeger to smoke more, you should check the temperature setting in the thermostat. Setting your grill in between 150 and 225°F can get you the highest amount of smoke.

Stop Opening Your Lid

Opening the lid frequently will not allow a Traeger grill to form more smoke. If you want the maximum amount of smoke, keeping your grill lid closed will help you get the best smoky flavor. 

Can a Traeger Catch on Fire?

It’s essential to keep the proper amount of pellets in the firepot at all times. If too many pellets are in the firepot, they can clump together and feed into the auger improperly, causing the auger to jam and can cause a fire. Similarly, it’s vital to make sure that you never overfill the drip tray; doing so may cause a fire. Make sure that you never leave your grill on or unattended. 

Can You Grill on a Traeger Without Smoke?

You can cook without smoke by using a pellet grill as long as you turn up the heat. With the higher temperatures on a pellet grill, food cooks quicker, and there is a little less smoke. By turning up the heat on your pellet grill, you can get your food cooked fast and with very little smoke.

Why is My Traeger Smoking so Bad?

There are many reasons why this could be happening. It could be that the flame has gone out, or it could be that the air intake is not functioning properly, which means your Traeger will continue to pile in pellets and cause smoke. If the flame dies down or the air intake is not working correctly, you might experience even worse smoking. 

Are Traeger Grills Worth It?

If you love wood-smoked flavor food, then Traeger grill is the best option to choose and is totally worth it. It is an easy outdoor grill option that supplies many different grills, so you can shop around and figure out which grill is right for you. They are well-built devices that are both attractive and make grilling easy. Each model has its distinctive feature, but they all possess the ability to cook outside food quickly and easily.


The Traeger grill can use high temps of 225 to get a smoky flavor. This particular grill is known for producing flavorful meats and has many great reviews. Getting the right temperature is vital for getting that smoky flavor in your food. It’s worth noting that you’ll ruin the meat for sure if you get it wrong, so it’s crucial you take it slow and with care to get it right.