About Us

Welcome to Dream Outdoor Living

My name is Rohan and ever since I got my first home I’ve been obsessed with building and designing the perfect outdoor space for my family so they could have a relaxing and peaceful place outside our home. I hope you do too!

This website is my way of connecting with other people and for me to share some tips and tricks for people who are also looking on building their dream outdoor space.

Whether it’s for a relaxing weekend afternoon or a crisp fall morning, being outdoors is a special time. It can be dangerous in some circumstances but the risk makes it all the more exciting.

Our Personal Story

Before we get into the meat I’ll share a bit about my family and the outdoor lifestyle they love.

My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years now. Living together is a lot different than being in family. The stress and responsibilities that come with a growing family makes it even more so.

So, we tend to spend as much time with our kids outside as possible. They love going to the park or playing outside for hours. My wife and I try our best to entertain them. We want to create good memories with our children so that they will have the best childhood possible.

Our kids love spending time in the yard. Each year, we add a new feature to our yard. In fact, we are now working on a rock garden. It’s going to be a wonderful space full of sea shells, coral, and other wonderful decorations.

We have already had a few guests over, and have been getting lots of compliments about the new space. The kids have had the most fun of all.

My wife and I love to work on these projects together. It’s a great way for us to spend some family time together with the kids. We’ve also been able to enjoy the use of our backyard even more.

Here you’ll find a few tips and reviews to help you live out your own backyard dreams.

We look forward to seeing your progress and hearing about your stories.