Are Traeger Grills Loud?

Traeger wood pellets grills are the great grills that everyone should have. They’re simple to use and they work extremely well too! The smoke they produce is pretty good, and it is quite convenient to have them as they are portable, easy to use, and maintain. Because of the continuous flow of pellets into the chamber, there is less mess left behind after feeding than when you are using charcoal grills. 

Also, pellet grills are fairly quiet and are not that loud which could disturb you to have quality time outdoors while barbecuing. They make a sound that is equivalent to any silent fan. 

But sometimes it may happen that due to some technical reasons it may start getting loud. But if you fixed the problem your Traeger grill will work as normal as it could; without making any annoying sound.

are traeger grills loud

How Loud Can Traeger Grill Get?

If your Traeger grill is having any technical issue, then it can sound loud and noisy. It can sometimes become annoying, and you may lose your peace of mind because of the continuous loud sound that is generated from the Traeger grills. Usually, it happens when the Trager grill faces an issue in the moving parts that are used inside the Traeger grill to operate its system. Like the induction fan and the inlet fan that is installed just below the auger. 

What Makes The Noise On A Traeger Grill?

There are many reasons that your Traeger grill may make noise, and at some point it becomes irresistible, and you need to Troubleshoot it very first before anything else. 

The auger system is the main moving part inside the Trager grills. And if your Traeger grill is making noise then it is mostly an auger system. Auger has a moving mechanism that feeds pellets to the firepit and also the induction fan which keeps on supplying air for combustion. 

The following are the possible reasons that your Traeger grill becomes loud and noisy.

1.Wood Pellets Getting Stuck Inside Auger

Sometimes the sound may be due to some simple cause like wood pellets getting stuck into an auger. And it can be fixed by removing the wood pellets pellet shaft and removing all the sawdust from the augur of your Trager pellet grill.

2. Fans Not Operating Smoothly

The other reason could be the induction fan. Sometimes it may get stuck and cause an annoying sound. There is another fan below the auger, which is an inlet fan. And it also can get stuck because of corrosion or other possible reasons and start making the sound.

3. The Problem in Auger Motor

The Auger motor has bearings, and if it starts to fail it will make a clicking sound. Generally, this sound starts slow and then becomes intense. 

Should You Worry If Traeger Grills Are Too Loud?

Generally, if Traeger grills sound loud it is not going to cause much trouble to the system and you do not need to worry about it. But definitely, you will need to take action against the loud noise. Because it may get more intense and annoying if you try to neglect it. Troubleshooting the loud sound is the best way to get rid of noise and have a peaceful environment all-around your Traeger grill. 

Why Is My Traeger Making A Clicking Noise?

If your Traeger grill is making a clicking noise that means it is majorly due to the induction fan or the auger fan that is attached just below it to operate the system. Also, it can be due to the auger motor’s failed bearing. 

But generally, you can point out the difference between these two defects. If your Traeger grills have started suddenly making a loud rapid clicking sound that means it is all about the fans inside. But if you observe the minute sound and then it gets louder and louder, then it is definitely about the failed bearing. 

Traeger Grill Making Groaning And Whining Noise?

If your Traeger grill is making a groaning and whining noise that means the pellets are stuck inside the auger motor and now is the time to take action. For that, you will need to reach the auger by dismantling the screw attached to the Traeger grills beside the pellet grill hopper. And will need to clean it thoroughly with the vacuum cleaner. Once you remove all the sawdust and wood pellets from the auger you can install everything back and check again with the sound. Probably this time you will not hear that annoying sound. If you still hear that then check with the other options as mentioned above in this article.  


Trager grills are not loud, and they only make a noise that any normal fan can make. You probably may not notice that noise if you are at a distance of 5-10 ft from the Traeger grills. But due to some technical reasons, your Traeger grill may become noisy and annoying. You can fix it easily if it is minor. Sometimes you may also need to call professionals and need to fix them with their assistance. Generally, the Traeger grill becomes noisy due to the pellets and sawdust getting stuck into the auger. It also becomes noisy if the induction fan and the other inlet fan present below the hopper has some problem operating smoothly.