How Fast Do Outdoor Rugs Dry? [Quick Facts]

I’m sure this has happened to you. You spill a glass of water all over your rug and don’t have a clue how long you’ll be waiting for it to dry. In this article, you’ll discover how long outdoor rugs take to dry.

Rugs are made with synthetic fibers, so they dry faster than rugs made with natural fibers. Depending on the rug size, it will take anywhere from 2-10 hours for a rug to completely dry.

Well, how fast the outdoor rugs dry will depend upon the material type and weather conditions outside. If the weather is cold or humid, it will take much longer to dry even though the material is suitable for outdoor weather conditions. 

Usually the material like nylon, polypropylene, and polyester dries out quickly. Whereas; outdoor rug material like wool or cotton takes time to dry. 

So, while choosing material for outdoor rugs, one should go with the material type that dries out quickly. Because wet outdoor rugs often start forming mildewing and start decaying or fading. 

How To Get An Outdoor Rug To Dry Quickly After It Rains?

Your outdoor rug must dry quickly; otherwise, it will get damp, and the rug surface may start molding. Generally, after it rains, the outdoor rug gets wet, and there is no possibility of exposing it to the sun to dry quickly.

So, you can make use of other techniques to make it dry, like vacuuming it with wet to dry vacuums. It will immediately remove all the excess water from the rug, and if you dry it under the fan afterward, it will dry completely and very quickly. 

Can Outdoor Rugs Be Left In The Rain?

Generally, outdoor rugs are made from a water-resistant material. So there is no problem with leaving your outdoor rug in the rain. But one thing you need to remember is that you should dry your rug as soon as possible to avoid mold growth.

How Do Outdoor Rugs Hold Up In The Rain?

Luckily, most outdoor rugs are made from tightly woven polypropylene that does not absorb water. However, if your rug does get wet, you should only be able to see a small amount of water on the surface of your rug before direct sunlight dries it out. As long as this is the case, you do not need to worry about fabric maintenance or cleaning your rug.

Nonetheless, outdoor rugs are still subject to sun exposure. UV rays can fade certain colors and warp delicate silks, causing the rug warp to rise unevenly and creating new creases and folds. Also, soil ground into the weave will become exposed when you walk across the rug. 

Exposure to moisture does not harm outdoor rugs made of tightly woven synthetic fabrics – but it speeds up wear and tear, especially if you live in an area that experiences regular rain. 

So why leave your outdoor rug out all year long? 

Not putting them all year long makes it much easier to clean your rug with a hose when dirtied by the inevitable mud and stains. It also makes it easier to pull your rug inside for storage during rainy season.

Consider The Weather

How fast your outdoor rugs will dry is dependent on the outdoor weather conditions as well. If the air is dry, the rugs will get dry quickly. But if the weather is moist, it will take comparatively more time to dry. So, whenever you are washing your outdoor rugs, make sure it is bright and sunny outside. 

How Do You Keep Outdoor Rugs From Mildewing?

Mildewing is the most common issue everyone faces about outdoor rugs as outdoor rugs are open to rain and water spillage for various reasons. The chances of getting mildewing are more on the outdoor rugs than the indoor ones.

The outdoor rug material does not get the mildewing, but the dust particles and the water in the rug together form a mildewing.

However, it is possible to avoid mildewing. If you feel your rug is damp due to water spillage or a mild shower, it is time to take action.

  • Keep the outdoor rug for drying in the bright sun and flip it to dry thoroughly from both sides.
  • You can either keep it dry on the balcony railing or keep it out there on the terrace in the open air. Both ways, it will get exposed to the bright sun.
  • The UV rays from the sun will kill the mildewing growth on the surface of the outdoor rug. 
  • If you feel the mildewing growth has already started on the rug then you need to wash it with soapy water or other cleaning agents whichever are suitable for your rug type.
  • You can also do spot cleaning of the affected area and then dry the rug thoroughly in the bright sunlight to avoid further mildewing formation.

How Do I Choose The Right Outdoor Rug?

It is always good to go with the water-resistant material that dries out quickly after it gets wet. Washable rugs are better to go outside because they are open to dust, spills, and stains. And regular cleaning with water is a quick option to keep it looking good.

Apart from that, rugs should be resistant to UV rays so that they will not fade away quickly and become dull to make your outdoors look shabby.

Is There Any Way To Make An Indoor Rug Waterproof For Outdoor Use?

There are techniques to make indoor rugs waterproof using waterproofing sprays, but it is not advisable to use them. Because doing so will make the rug lose its softness and become harsh on your barefoot. 


The outdoor rugs often dry out quickly if they are made up of nylon polyester or polypropylene material. The weather are also responsible for how quickly they will dry.

It is always better to choose the material that dries out quickly for outdoor use because there will be fewer chances of forming mildewing on their surfaces.