Do Outdoor Rugs Damage Concrete? Slipping Problem? Here Are Some Tips!

Confused about whether or not you should place your outdoor rugs directly on concrete? Learn how you can ensure that your rugs don’t damage your concrete in this article.

But first, can outdoor rugs actually damage concrete?

Outdoor rugs won’t damage the concrete but if you put one on your concrete it will darken. The moisture that causes the stone to darken is trapped under that rug and will slowly seep into the concrete causing a change in the look of your cement.

In fact, a great way to protect your newly installed hardwood floors or concrete floor is by using outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs protect hardwood floors from scratches as well as other potential damage. They also provide some noise insulation and reduce dust and dirt from entering the house. Outdoor rugs are popular because they are durable and long-lasting.

Will Concrete Damage Your Outdoor Rugs?

If you take proper care before laying rug on the concrete, it will not damage your outdoor rugs. So, what are those things? First of all, you need to develop a great foundation so that the rug will lay flat on the surface of the concrete. Secure it with adhesive so that it will not slip and remain straight and do not form curls on the edges. 

How To Stop Rugs From Moving On A Concrete Floor

While using carpet on the concrete, there is a possibility that it will become slippery and lose its grip on the concrete when you walk around it. It may result in serious injury, so it is vital to secure the rugs against concrete to make them stable and non-slippery. There are different ways to stop rugs from moving in the concrete we are mentioning them per the following:

Use Rug Grippers to Keep It In Place

Using Rug grippers is a great way to keep your outdoor rug in place. Rug grippers will secure your rug against the concrete with its great adhesive property. If you want to move your carpet to the other part of your outdoor area then you do not need to worry. These rug grippers are reusable. Rug grippers are also more affordable than rug pads.

Get A Rug Pad

Rug pads not only secure your rug to the concrete but also offer a great cushion to get more comfort to your bare feet as it adds more thickness to your rug. Putting rug pads below your outdoor rug is a great way to keep your rug slip-free and in good condition for a longer time.

Place A Heavy Piece Of Furniture 

Placing heavy furniture on the rug can stop moving the rug from its place. Make sure that you are putting a protector in between the rug and the furniture so that the furniture will not damage the rug.

What Tape Works Best On Concrete?

The best tape that suits concrete is the masking tape. There are many variations available in the market, and some of them are specially designed for concrete. Choose the highly adhesive masking tape to safely secure your outdoor rug against the concrete. 

Benefits of Using Outdoor Rugs On Concrete

Outdoor rugs have many other benefits besides protecting the concrete. Let’s see what all are the benefits of using outdoor rugs on concrete-

1. Outdoor Rugs Help Cover Up The Damaged Concrete.

If your carpet is damaged and not looking that good, then an outdoor rug can be used as a cover and change its look entirely. 

2. They Make It Easy To Keep Your Outdoor Updated 

As the rugs are available in different styles, structures, colors, sizes, and shapes you can choose the one that you like. Since these rugs are not that costly, you can keep on updating your outdoor area by frequently changing them and keep your outdoor areas updated with recent designs and styles.

3. Add Some More Colors And Liveliness To Outdoor

Outdoor areas, if not covered with rugs often look dull and not that inviting. But if you add rugs outdoors, it will beautify the place. By choosing vibrant colors you can add more liveliness to the areas like backyard, patio, decks, and lawns in the garden area.

4. They Provide Comfort 

Rugs can act as a cushion against concrete and give great comfort to your feet. Sometimes you need to lay rugs if you want to do some outdoor exercises, play with your kids or pets. An outdoor rug is very useful to do all such outdoor activities because of its comforts. If there is grass outside then it will act as barriers against wet soil and avoid it from getting muddy.  


Outdoor rugs do not damage the concrete. Instead, keep it secured and avoid further damages. The only drawback of using rugs on concrete is, it can be slippery sometimes. But you can completely avoid it by using some safety measures. Outdoor rugs have lots of benefits; one should make the backyard more useful and beautiful by making use of them.