Can Outdoor Rugs Be Used on Trex Decks?

If you are in the market for a new rug, you might be thinking about using outdoor rugs. These rugs can actually be incredibly beautiful, especially considering all the unique patterns out there for outdoor furniture and decoration. Is it possible to use trex decks with outdoor rugs? It’s actually possible that they can.

Outdoor rugs are a great element to add to your deck because they are typically made from durable materials, like polyester and nylon, that can withstand being outside. They come in many colors and styles, so whether your deck is classic or contemporary, you should be able to find the perfect rug to match.

While looking for the best outdoor rug, you will find that there are high quality, pricey rugs and those that are less expensive. What you need to know is that sometimes what you pay for does matter and the higher priced rugs may be more advisable than the lower priced ones for this situation.

What is Trex Decks?

Trex Decks is a business that sells decks for people who don’t want a boring deck. They’re decks are made from recycled plastic lumber, their decks are also 100% chemical and weather resistant. 

Trex decks are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Trex Decks makes 4 types of boards: 

  • Standard

Standard Trex decks are the best decks. They’re made from the composite of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic, which means that they have the aesthetic appeal of real wood but none of the drawbacks. They’ll never rot, split, or crack—and they’ll stay just as beautiful year after year, without needing to be stained or sanded.

Standard Trex decks come in three different colorways:

  • Gray Birch: a sleek and natural-looking light gray with deep, rich grain patterns.
  • Havana Gold: a bolder golden tan that retains its gorgeous color over time.
  • Brown Oak: a warm, rustic shade with an attractive blend of reddish and brown shades.
  • Trexinol (allows wine to dry on the deck)

Trexinol board, also known as Trex, is a decking board made from recycled plastic and wood fibers. It is available in two colors, brown and grey, and three widths: 1 inch, 5.5 inches, and 7.25 inches. The boards are installed with a hidden fastener system for a clean look and easy installation. The boards are protected by Trex’s 25-year fade and stain warranty and labor warranty if installed through an authorized installer. Trex also offers a line of high-performance composite decking products that are designed to last longer than wood without the hassle of maintenance required by wood decks.

  • Trexplash (sparkly decking that reflects the sun)

Trexplash is a board offered by Trex, decking company. It is a board that is good for the environment, it is made out of recycled plastic and wood fibers. It can be used as a decking or outdoor furniture. It is durable and long lasting

It offers color options for you to find the perfect fit for your outdoor furniture. It can be washed with a mild detergent and water. It also offers a surface that can dry quickly and is slip resistant so it will be safe for you and your family. It is stain resistant and easy to clean so you can have fun in the sun without having to worry about spills.

  • Trexsteel (made out of recycled steel)

Trexsteel decking is a type of Trex decking that is made from 95% recycled steel. Trexsteel boards have a wood-grained pattern on one side with a matte finish and can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. 

It is a steel-reinforced, high-density polyethylene composite decking. It’s the perfect way to make your deck safer for you and your family by reducing the risk of splinters, slipping, or getting a broken bone from falling off a deck.

Trexsteel board is highly durable and low maintenance, making it an ideal choice that will last up to three times longer than traditional wood decks. Trexsteel are also great for the environment.

Customers can buy a budget board or an expensive one. The more expensive it is, the longer it will last and the more money you’ll save in the long run. Trex Decks also sells all kinds of accessories for your new deck. They also have an application process to determine which species of board is best for your lawn.

If you decide to use an outdoor rug over your Trex deck, be sure that it is made with a solid color and will not fade, as this will result in unsightly blotches over time. Light-colored rugs are best for the outdoors, and darker textured rugs may hide all of those fine details. Other than shrinkage, these two factors should help you decide if an outdoor rug is right for your deck.