How To Keep Outdoor Rugs From Curling Up? (4 Easy Tips)

Do you have a problem with outdoor rugs curling and rolling up? Don’t know what to do? Well, read this short article to find out how to keep them flat.

But first, let’s ask why do they curl?

Curling on outdoor rugs can happen with just a few washes and rubs. They can be worse when the room is humid, and the temperature is hot. Also, Outdoor rugs may curl up on the edges or in the middle due to folding or rolling or due to the poor quality of the rug material. 

But with the help of some tricks, you can avoid it. Here, in this article, we will discuss how to keep outdoor rugs from curling up?

How To Stop Rugs From Curling Up At Corners?

There are many reasons why your old or newly bought carpets are curling up. Whatever the reason is, it’s essential to determine and fix the problem before it gets too far advanced. 

Here are various techniques used to stop the curling of an outdoor rug. Here are the three such approaches:

Weigh Down The Rug

Putting a heavy piece of furniture or object can flatten the curved edges at the corner of rugs. Weighing down the rug is the best and easiest way to get rid of curls from the rugs. You will need to put heavy furniture or objects precisely at the place where the carpet has got curled. Keep the rug weighed down for a few days to get uncurled. You will be amazed to see the final output, the flattened rug with no more curls.

Apply Some Heat 

Another way to uncurl the rug is to apply some heat to the curled part. The heated iron can help you uncurl the rug. But before going ahead with the procedure of heating your rug, you will need to check with the care instruction on the label of your rug. If it is okay to use iron on the rug, then it’s easy. Just iron the rug on the corners & you will see the immediate effect.

But if you find it is not ok to use iron on the rug as per instructions, then you can do one trick. You can take a damp towel, place it over a rug and run heated iron over it. Soon you will get a rug without any curls or wrinkles on it.

Spray Bottle And Hair Dryer

Spray bottle and hairdryer together can help you get rid of curls on the rug. You need to follow a few steps, and your rug will get evenly flat with no residue of curls. 

Fill the spray bottle with normal water. Keep the hairdryer plugged in next to the rug. Spray some water on the curled edges and dry it with a hairdryer by keeping it at medium. Dry the curled portion till the time it gets completely dry. 

Rolling In Opposite Direction

Sometimes the rug gets curled if it remains in the folded condition for a longer time. In such a case rolling it in the opposite direction can help you get rid of the curls. You will need to roll it in the opposite direction and keep it like that for more than 24 hours to get a completely straight rug after that.

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Rug From Curling In The Middle?

Sometimes it happens that the outdoor rugs get curled or humped in the middle. With the help of applying some heat to the humped area, removing humps and curls at the middle portion is possible. Heat can be used with an iron or hairdryer after sprinkling some water with a spray bottle. But you will need to check the care instructions beforehand.

Why Is My Outdoor Rug Curling?

Your outdoor rug may curl up because of various reasons. The very first reason could be that it was rolled and kept for a longer time. The other reason could be the fabric. Flatweave carpets are more prone to curling. Also, the rug quality matters, the material is of inferior quality it will get curled faster than the better quality one. 

Do Rug Pads Make A Difference?

Yes, a rug pad is always a good help to keep your rug in safe and sound condition for a longer time. It will keep your rug from slipping, bunching, deforming, stretching, and curling


There are many ways to keep outdoor rugs from curling up. If proper precautions are taken, this can be completely avoided. The methods like keeping some furniture on the edges, rolling it in the opposite direction, Keeping it in the bright sunlight by placing it flat can do the trick and save your outdoor rugs from curling up.