Traeger Grills Rusting? Here Are Things You Need To Know

Have you ever looked over to your Traeger grills and noticed rusting? Are you wondering what’s causing this rusting and what can you do about it? Here are a few tips that will help prolong the life of your Traeger grills and keep you grilling with ease for many years.

traeger grill rust

Do Traeger Grills Rust?

Yes, Traeger grills rust, from inside as well as outside if you do not care for it properly. Traeger grills are usually designed for outdoor usage and do not often rust if you keep them clean and covered under the breathable Traeger covers when they are not in use. Usually, if you keep them outdoors in the wet and humid weather for a longer time then they may rust. And you may not be able to maintain the high temperature inside the Traeger grill if it develops holes due to heavy corrosion. 

The inner surface of the Traeger grill also can catch corrosion even if you keep it indoors away from moisture. The inner surface of the Traeger grills usually rusts due to the dust particles, and food particles caught on the surface and remain there for a longer time. So, to avoid rusting in the inner surface you should regularly clean the inert Traeger grill area and remove the food particles and dust particles regularly. 

How To Get Rid of Rust in Traeger Grills?

Here is an easy way to get rid of rust on your Traeger grills. Vacuum the inside of the grill and the fire pot before using them. Traeger Grill is designed to be used for high temperatures so rusting because of high temperature shouldn’t be an issue. All you will have to do to prevent rusting is to keep your grill clean and vacuum the inside regularly. You should clean any burned-out or food particles as soon as you spot them as this can accelerate the process of corrosion. 

How to Keep Traeger Grills From Rusting?

You can keep the Traeger grills from rusting by regularly cleaning them after you hit a specific interval of time. Usually, we recommend cleaning your Traeger grill at least once after you use it for cooking 2-3 times. Cleaning is the best way to save your grill from getting any kind of corrosion due to food particles and dust particles.

Deep cleaning is the other way to get rid of rust from your Traeger grill. For deep cleaning, you will need to remove all the parts like the grill grate, drip pan, heat shield and then clean every single nook and corners of the grill. To start with you will need to vacuum out all the dirt collected inside the Traeger. With the wood scraper, you can clean the grill grates, and with the paint scraper you can remove all the food particles, and ash collected on the different areas of your Traeger grill. Removing all removable parts and cleaning them thoroughly is a great way to save your Traeger grill from corrosion. 

Hacks to Save Your Cleaning Time

Cleaning your Traeger grill is a big and time-consuming process. So, to minimize your efforts we are suggesting few hacks as per the following:

  1. You should put the heavy-duty aluminum foil on the dripping tray to keep the mess away and to clean in easily. Also, you should remove this aluminum foil and replace it with the new one to keep your Trager grill clean and to have a healthy cooking environment inside the Traeger grill. 
  2. You can put an aluminum foil to your grease collecting bucket, it will keep the bucket clean and you can easily take out the grease oil from the grease bucket and this way you will not need to take a lot of effort to clean the greasing bucket afterward. 

Is a Rusty Traeger Grill Safe to Use?

No, rusty grills are not safe to use. Rusted parts on the grills can catch the bacteria and if you cook your food inside the rusted grill it may cause the food to absorb that bacteria which may hamper your health. So, it is always good to get rid of rust from the Traeger grill before you cook anything inside the Trager grill.

Is Rust Harmful Inside The Grill?

Rust inside the Traeger grill is harmful to you in two ways. It will catch the bacteria from the atmosphere and may degrade the quality of food getting cooked inside. And the other way it will be going to harm you by spoiling the Traeger grill. If you keep on neglecting the rusts inside the grill it may cause permanent damage to the Traeger grill and you will not be able to use it forever. So, keeping your Traeger grill from rusting is the best way to keep yourself from harmful bacteria and the Traeger grill to get spoiled completely.

Can You Paint The Rusty Traeger Grill?

Yes, you can paint the outer surface of the Traeger grill to avoid rust. But for the inner surface, we do not recommend spraying or painting the grill with any kind of paint. Since there’s a high chance that the paint will get into the food and make the cooking area unhygienic. 

Can I Use My Traeger Grill In The Rain?

Trager grills are waterproof and can be used in the rain. But while using them in the rain we recommend you make a proper arrangement so that the water does not get inside the pellet hopper and spoil the pellets permanently. Once the pellet gains moisture they become damp and lose its property of burning efficiently. It causes the fire to completely shut down and also you may not be able to ignite the pellets again with the hot rod because too much moisture makes them of no use and you may end up throwing them into the trash bin.


The outer surface, as well as the inner surface of the Traeger grills, rusts if not maintained properly. Keeping the Traeger grill outside in the humid area may cause the outer surface to rust easily. However, if you do not clean the inner surface of the Traeger grill after a specific interval of time it may cause rusting due to food particles and the ash particles that stick to the surface area of the Traeger grills.