Do Traeger Grills Rust?

The Traeger grills are designed to hold temperature. And the body of the Traeger is responsible for the cooling of the internal parts, and it does this well and resists rusting even under high heat. But over the period of time fire pits may tend to rust because of the high exposure to heat, smoke as well as ash particles. If you want your Traeger grill to stay safe for a longer time. Then you should regularly clean the inner surface of your firepit. 

The outer surface of the grills and cooktops are covered by a layer of paint that prevents them from rusting. 

traeger grill rust

Why is My Traeger Rusting?

Traeger grill is meant to be used at high temperatures and should remain in sound condition without any rusting even after continuous exposure to heat and smoke. But this is possible if you maintain it in the right way by cleaning and servicing it properly after a certain number of usage. Especially the internal parts of the Traeger Grill need more attention and will rust if not cared for properly. If you do not care for the internal parts of the Traeger grill properly it will start rusting.

How do I Get The Rust Off My Traeger?

The key to preventing the Traeger grill from rusting is to keep the grill clean and dry when you are not using it. While cleaning, you should remove as much dirt and debris as you can from between the parts of the grill. Next, press down on each part with a slightly damp cloth to clean any remaining residue from between the metal surfaces. You can also slightly grease the grate with the oil to keep it safe from further rusting.

When Should I Clean My Traeger?

Cleaning your grill is essential, and you should clean it after a specific time. When is the best time to clean my Traeger grills? You should clean Your Traeger grill roughly every 50 hours of cooking. If you don’t cook on your Traeger often, you may only need to clean your grill once every several months. But make sure when you are not using it for a longer time, you have to store it clean.

How Do You Deep Clean a Traeger?

Cleaning a grill involves washing all the metal parts, usually including the exhaust, firepit, drip tray, grates. Removing any accumulated grime from the cooking surface and greasing the grate with oil will be helpful to keep it safe from corrosion.

What Metals are Traeger Grills Made Of?

Traeger grills are made from high-quality materials. They are made to last for many years and also withstand all the weather conditions including rain. They are generally made out of Cold-rolled steel and cast iron. These metals provide high resistance to corrosion if handled properly. 

Can Traeger Grills Be Left Outside?

Yes, you can as Traeger grills are resistant to all the weather. But you have to be extra cautious about the rainy conditions. As long as the lid is closed and closed tightly, outside moisture does not enter the hopper and can withstand a light shower. But if it rains heavily the moisture may enter the hopper and your wood pellets may get damaged due to the moisture. Which may cause a problem when you will be using it next time for cooking and grilling. So, it is better to store the Traeger grill indoor and avoid such circumstances. If you do not have any other option besides living it outside then it will be better if you empty the pellet hopper and save the pellets indoors inside airtight containers.

Can Traeger Grills Get Rained On?

Traeger grills are designed to be used in wet conditions and will withstand a good rain shower if it falls on them. However, if you’re prepared to use your Traeger grill outside during a rainy day, you should make sure that your wood pellets are protected from rain water and moisture.

Can You Leave a Traeger Outside In The Winter?

Yes, it is possible to leave a pellet smoker outside during winter, but you have to take precautions and make sure you have enough space. And you will need to be extra cautious with the wood pellets. Even though the Traeger grills are weather-resistant the pellets are not. They may rot and catch bacteria if left open to the environment, especially in the rainy and winter seasons.


Although Traeger grills are designed to be used at high temperatures the inner surface may rust due to continuous exposure to high heat, ashes, and smoke. It is advisable to clean the firepot and the inner surface of Traeger grills regularly to keep it safe from rusting. The outer surface of the grill is usually painted with a thick layer and does not get rust easily.