How To Prevent Outdoor Rugs from Fading? (4 Important Tips)

We’ve all had it happen. You get a new rug or carpet for your outdoor area only to watch it fade and deteriorate quickly. In this article, we’ll show you four easy ways to prevent your outdoor rugs from fading.

There are various things you can do to help prevent your outdoor rug from fading. These include:

1. Vacuuming Regularly Or Shaking It To Remove Dust

Conventional wisdom says that nothing lasts forever. This house rule is disproven by your rugs! If you are prone to dirty carpets, it is also important to vacuum regularly or to shake things up a bit so that dirt does not build up and the rugs stay looking fresh. This is particularly important during the spring and summer when pollen builds up on the ground around your home. You can prevent outdoor rugs from fading by vacuuming them regularly.

2. Washing And Cleaning With A Good Cleaning Agent

Washing outdoor rugs is often overlooked, even though it plays a huge role in how well they look and how long they last. Using a good cleaning agent for outdoor rugs will provide the proper amount of water to loosen dirt, and if the rug is delicate, it can also soften stains and make them easier to remove.

3. Drying It In The Sun To Avoid Mildewing

Drying outdoor rugs by placing them outside in the sun will dry them faster than drying them inside. The sun provides the perfect heat to speed up the drying process. It is recommended to be careful when you hang outdoor rugs outside after a rain or sweat to avoid getting mildew or mold.

4. Clear Vinyl Plastic (Rug Protectors)

Rug Protector is so easy to use. Simply place on top of outdoor rugs and you’ll be protecting them from fading in just days.

Quick Tips

Dirt that falls onto your rugs becomes permanent stains if left unattended, so cleaning the outdoor rugs regularly with some cleaning agent or soapy water is crucial. 

To remove spots, clean the area by squirting a mixture of warm water and mild liquid dish soap directly onto the affected area using a spray bottle. 

Be sure to follow the cleaning and care label on your rug for the best results.

If you take proper precautions beforehand, you can keep your rug looking beautiful and save it from fading away to its shape, color, or texture. 

Rug Material That Doesn’t Fade Quickly

Your rugs should last a long time without fading or wearing out. Expose them to sun and heat all day and they will be under pressure from rain, snow, ice, and wind. The following are some of the most popular outdoor rug materials that don’t fade quickly. Check what material they are made of before buying them.

Woven Cotton, the most traditional floor covering material is woven cotton with its natural colors, but they are not so easy to find in a market flooded with synthetic materials. Natural cotton rugs are very hardwearing despite their delicate look and feel.

What Is The Best Outdoor Rug?

Flatweave rugs are usually best for outdoor usage; they can be hand-woven or made on a machine, but either way, the tight fibers and lack of pile make them great for enduring moisture and high-traffic areas in the outdoor spaces. Rugs with fluffy piles, on the other hand, will absorb dirt and water, so those are best kept inside. 

These flatweave fibers are tightly held together, making them durable and thick. Flatweaves will last longer and look great in all seasons. Flatweave rugs are the best rugs for outdoor use. Outdoor rugs come in various different sizes and textures, and patterns to complement any home.

How Do You Keep Outdoor Rugs From Mildewing?

To effectively stop mold from growing on your outdoor rugs, it is best to follow a few simple cleaning steps. 

There are several ways to help prevent mildewing on outdoor rugs. One of these is by thoroughly rinsing your outdoor rugs and putting them in the bright sun for drying. Cleaning and drying in the sun will help eliminate the surface of any mold or dirt that may be growing on it as sun rays will kill any growth on the surface of the outdoor rug and minimize the chances of reformation of mildewing.

Can You Leave Outdoor Rugs Outside?

Yes, you can. Outdoor rugs are designed specially to keep in the outside area of your home or office. They are immune to outdoor weather conditions and are tough, water-resistant, durable, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. But if you are using an outdoor rug with delicate material, it is advisable not to leave it outside for a long time. 

Can You Pressure Wash Outdoor Rugs?

Pressure washing your rugs is a great way to get rid of dirt and moisture that can lead to rot and mildew in your favorite outdoor furniture. This simple yet effective pressure washing method removes dirt, mold, mildew, stains, and odor from your outdoor rugs.

Pressure washing outdoor rugs help you get rid of stubborn dirt and stains that would not be washed away otherwise with regular hand washing methods.

Can You Wash An Outdoor Rug In The Washing Machine?

Outdoor rugs can be put in the washing machine without damaging them if they’re made of washable fabrics. But this might not always be the case, so it is essential to read the instructions before putting any outdoor rug into a washing machine. Especially check if the rug is waterproof or not. If they are not waterproof, it is advisable to give them to professional dry cleanings to avoid mishaps while cleaning the outdoor rug.


To avoid outdoor rugs fading, you must wash your rugs regularly. Protecting your outdoor rugs against stains and extreme weather conditions is an excellent way to prolong their useful life.

Avoiding the damage that could significantly affect the overall look of your outdoor rug will help it look great for a longer time.