Is A Pool House Considered A Dwelling? (Explained)

Have you ever wondered whether a pool house is considered a dwelling? It’s a bit of a grey area because there is no clear-cut definition. We’ll look at the different ways in which the question can be interpreted.

Any residence occupied by one or more people and used for living purposes is ordinarily a dwelling. A dwelling is a permanent home installation that has drains, plumbing, heating & air conditioning installed. It should also facilitate all the things that require comfortable living, such as kitchen, sanitation, sleeping area, and everything else. The dwelling unit is considered as a dwelling only if it provides independent utilities for one or more people. 

Thus, a pool house may not be considered a dwelling as it is not meant to be structured for independent living purposes.

What’s The Purpose Of A Pool House?

There are multiple benefits of building a pool house. Building a pool in your backyard can be your joyous party hall of gathering with friends and family, or it can be a place where families and children can go swimming, play games and have fun.

The beauty of having a pool in your backyard is that others will respect its property rights. This is a nice layer of protection for your pool, and it makes it easier to maintain. It also makes it more available for you to enjoy when you are at home.

What Is A Good Size Of Pool House?

Average sizes for pool houses can vary depending on the location, but they usually go from 100 square feet to 800 square feet or larger.

A good size pool is one that provides a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe swimming environment for you and your family members. There are many variables that you need to consider when choosing a pool house size.

Make sure that it is not too big to make it challenging to manage it on your own. And it should not be small that you will not be able to enjoy it to have fun activities like having small parties with your close friends.

Can You Live In A Pool House?

Yes, you can live in a pool house as long as they have the amenities you need and consume. You should be sure that the house is insured at all times. So make sure you contact a professional insurance agent in your area to be certain of which policy is right for you.

There are actually two different types of pool houses that I can think of: an attached and a freestanding one.

  • The attached one is usually located near the pool and it depends on whether the owner decides to attach it to their main house or not. It can also serve as the de facto maids quarters since it comes with its own set of amenities.
  • The freestanding one is usually considerably smaller than the main house; this is because it has to conform to specific pool house requirements or regulations.

What Is A Pool House Called?

The term ‘pool house‘ typically refers to a single-detached home built on an enclosed lot with a swimming pool on one side and a grove of trees and other landscaping on the other. The pool house is also referred to as casita, vacation house, guest house, or cabana in some of the regions.

Is A Pool House Necessary?

No, Pool houses are not necessary things to have outdoors. But pool houses offer numerous advantages that can make homeowners happy for years to come.

The advantages include:

  • You will be having your own private space.
  • It is close to amenities like outdoor showers, changing rooms, and toilets to use immediately after swimming and other outdoor activities. 
  • It can have everything you need in a small space, including floor-to-ceiling windows, storage for your swimming necessities, a porch, and very likely a hot tub, relaxing lounges, and many more. 

When done right, the benefits of a pool house far outweigh any drawbacks.

Can You Convert A Shed Into A Pool House?

To convert a shed means you want to convert space that is not being used for the purpose you want into a living area that meets your needs, such as your own pool house. By taking small steps and making some tweaks, you can turn an ordinary shed or repurposed outdoor area into a luxurious pool house that’s great for entertainment and all outdoor fun activities. 

Conversion of a shed into a pool house is slightly trickier than the others because it’s difficult to determine the best option for a remodeling project. It is not necessary to tear down the entire shed and start from scratch. It’s best to choose the option that allows you to keep some parts of the existing structure and improve it according to your needs.

The right combination of wooden boards, horse stall flooring, tile floors, and beautiful interior inside your pool house can completely change the look of an outdoor shed. It will make it more useful and comfortable with a luxurious ambiance to throw parties and have fun get-togethers with your loved ones all year long.


A pool house can not be considered a dwelling because it is not intended to be a permanent living arrangement. The term dwelling unit is often used to describe a building or portion of a building that is intended to be used as a home by one or more individuals.