Can I Build A Pool House In My Backyard? Pros and Cons

Everyone likes to be outside in the summer, and you want to make sure that you can accommodate everyone. One of the biggest questions on your mind right now is “Can I build a pool house in my backyard?”

Do you have a pool? Are you considering putting one in? If so, you will want to think about building a pool house. A pool house is more than just a place to put your pool tools. It adds space for extra people to get out of the sun and relax if they want to.

Like all homes, they must comply with certain building codes enforced by your county or municipality. Mostly, this simply means following certain regulations and requirements for size and distance from other buildings. Within reason, you can build whatever you want to your backyard.

Benefits Of A Pool House

One of the best ways to increase your property’s worth and increase your living space is through a pool house, or a building. With a pool house, you can not only enjoy a private space to swim in, you can also enjoy a private space for storing all your pool equipment, a place to eat poolside and a place to shower.

While pool houses add value to your property, there are a number of locations where they are not permitted. Your local zoning board will be responsible for telling you of any restrictions on the property’s use, and how far away from the house the pool house must be placed.

What Is A Pool House Used For?

A pool house is a building that’s usually located near the pool. In it, you’ll find a changing area and a shower. By having such a place, you can easily get out of the pool to change your clothes or to take a quick shower. The changing and showering area may or may not be apart from the actual pool. Depending on the space available, you can either look for a small and practical pool house or for a bigger one that features an additional storage space for your belongings.

A pool house sounds too extravagant for the average homeowner to afford, but it can be a great way to increase your living space without having to replace your house entirely. A pool house can work as a guest room as well as additional storage space or even a place for you to get ready and shower on the way to morning activities.

Is A Pool House Necessary?

No, a pool house is not necessary. But if you want great comfort and do not want to spoil your home after coming back from the outdoor activities, then you should have one.

The largest benefit you will get from a pool house is that it saves you the trouble of going inside the house after coming back from outside activities. Now you can sit and relax in a pool house for maximum comfort and fresh feeling.

Things To Know Before Building A Pool House?

There are multiple things that you may need to look after before going for the actual construction of your pool house. 

  1. Get the permit – if you need it in your zoning area of residence. Make sure that the plan you develop for your Pool House does not contravene existing laws or regulations regarding the height, area, and structure
  2. Get it designed – the way you want from the contractor so as to maximize leverage of the space for your comfort.
  3. It is very important to look after the materials used in your construction and ensure that they fulfill their purpose. 
  4. You should also ensure that there are no safety hazards within the structure itself.
  5. Know where the electrical system will go before you begin installing it.6. Preplanned things like what all amenities you need inside the pool house, like shower, changing room, seating arrangement, fun zone, party area, and so on.

Pros and Cons of Pool House In Backyard

Building your pool house is great way to create a beautiful addition for your home, but this post will focus on its pros and cons. Discussing the advantages of building a pool house before you actually tackle the project will help you avoid potential problems later on.

Pros Of Pool House

The benefits of pool houses are numerous and far-reaching. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of protecting the environment, the construction of a pool house often offers several other benefits to homeowners simply enjoying the peacefulness of their backyard. Aside from enjoying the pool view and the outdoor garden, you can also enjoy showering outdoors in your pool house,

Storage During Winter Season

The biggest pro to building a pool house in your backyard is that you can use it as an extra storage space during the winter. When it snows or snows all day long, your house will be covered in inches of snow. With your storage space located inside your house, you won’t have to pick between keeping your items safe and secure or driving yourself crazy trying to find a storage place that is convenient and affordable.

Can Be Used As Workout Station

Building a pool in your backyard is a fantastic way to get fit and stay active. Plus, it’s fun to think about. You can create the perfect outdoor space for a gym, practicing yoga, or even for other fun activities like aerobics, Zumba, or dancing.

This pool house can efficiently serve as a workout for several hours each day. Building the right pool house with sufficient workout equipment can improve your overall health and range of positive emotions while also increasing the value of your pool.

Can Turn Your Pool House Into Guest Room

There are many benefits of building your very own pool house. You can create one for your own use or extend it as a place for family and guests to stay overnight without any hassles. If you have a small house, this could be a great idea to turn a pool house into a guest room and maximize available spaces outdoors. 

Families With Small Kids

The natural surroundings around your pool house will bring so much joy to you and your kids. There is no doubt that your children will respond well to living in such a well-designed place.

The pros of building a pool house in your backyard go beyond just comfort. It is a fun place for enjoyment and entertainment for your kids.

You will be able to enjoy a relaxing summer experimenting with various fun activities together with your kids, like campaigning, dancing, and different outdoor games, all open to the sun.

Joyous Party Hall

A backyard is a perfect place to host a party or a BBQ. Having a pool house allows you to enjoy time outdoors with your family or friends partying all night without having to worry about crowds in the public area. It will be your very own party hall where you don’t need anyone’s permission to throw parties on any convenient days of your week or weekends.

Cons of Pool House

Building your own pool house can be helpful, but there are few cons to consider:

  • It will increase your budget to build an outdoor swimming pool
  • It is not as usable during the winter season
  • You will need to maintain it and do extra cleaning together with your home.


Yes! You can build a Pool House in your backyard if your HOA allows, as long as they follow the rules of your Home Owner Association. Your HOA will have restrictions on what type of construction you can use, how much space you need to leave between houses, and what colors and materials you can use.

Decide first if you want to keep it small or large. Some residences actually have a known pool house in their backyard. If not, then get some information from a realtor who are familiar with the area where you live.