Do you Need Planning For A Pool House? (10 Things To Consider)

Wondering whether you need planning permission for that new pool house? Have you already submitted an application and now you’re struggling to find the right preparation materials to help you?

When adding a pool house to a new or existing property, you will not require planning permission, under the government’s permitted development laws. However, it is important to check with the local authority whether your proposed pool hall will be allowed under their more specific local laws.

Things To Consider When Planning To Build A Pool House

Get Permit

There are many things to look at when you’re planning a pool house, like zoning laws and site preparation. Some pool houses require special permits that you need to apply for. Others will give you a county permit that you can use if you live within their district.

You should also make sure that you have an idea of how much space you’re going to use to build a pool house and the layout of your pool and pool house before applying for the permit.

Location Of The Pool House

A good location makes all the difference in the planning of a fabulous pool house. You will need to pick a location that will maximize your space and amenities. The location should allow you to get visitors while making it feel like a family home.

It should also have the potential of creating an attractive, inviting atmosphere that would help every visitor feel comfortable visiting your pool house. 

The Area Of The Pool House

While planning an outdoor pool house, you will need a large area that will allow your kids and pets to play without having to worry about cramped quarters. It would be best if you made sure that the area will be well-drained and will not get a problem with seepage.

It is always good to build your pool house a little above the ground level to avoid rainwater and pool water entering it. 

Construction Material 

Pool house builders have to follow strict regulations regarding the materials they use. They should also make sure that the work they’re doing will withstand any natural disasters that may occur in your area. 

Cost Of Building A Pool house

When you’re planning a pool house, the other thing to consider is your budget. While budgeting, ask yourself these questions. What are my preferences? Does size matter? Do I want privacy? What about the deck? You should consider all these and find out if you’ll be able to use the pool often enough to justify the expense.

Required Amenities Inside The Pool House

Creating a pool house should be an exciting, luxurious, and rewarding experience. As you begin to research amenities for your pool house, keep these factors in mind. It is crucial to consider the pool house you are looking at as a whole. The amenities will affect the design, functionality, and maintenance. Now is a great time to gather information about your intended design.

Call suppliers and ask questions about specific elements. Make sure you know what the finished pool house will look like before starting work on the inside.

The Seating Arrangement 

You always need a pool house that is versatile, easy to clean, comfortable, and suits your family’s needs. The best pool house seating arrangement should be a good combination of physical comfort and great use of existing spaces.

Some plans may require you to move closer to water and add outdoor furniture like an outdoor rocking chair or patio table to your pool house porch or deck area.

You might want a spot in the shade, which can save you from the hot summer sun. But at the same time open enough to have a clear view of the outdoor pool and garden.

The Water Taps

With the onset of summer, many people build or think about building pool houses to relax and have fun in the sun. It is best to plan if you intend to utilize your pool for anything other than enjoyment. 

And water is a necessity to have great comfort at your pool house. Whether you need to have a shower after outdoor activities or want to have parties in the pool house on the weekends, water is the basic amenity that your pool house should have.

The Surroundings 

The surroundings are essential when planning a pool house. It helps to know the layout of your space before you start working on it. It gives you a feel for what needs to be included and what will be left untouched. Deciding how much space your pool will need can also be an important decision to make. A small, unenclosed space may be best for some, while others may need more space for amenities. 

If you keep a proper space for planters in the surrounding of your pool house, then it will look stunning for sure. Knowing where the boundaries of your space will be will help you know when to set aside an area for activities and when to use it for storage or as a general place to relax.

A Covered Porch For Parties

When it comes to party plans, pool houses are popular because of the coverings and the amenities!!

A covered patio is an excellent place for a party, with drinks and music from the outdoor area. The covered porch provides shade for those hot summer afternoons. It is also handy for those isolated days when you want to relax and enjoy a cool breeze. 

There are many things to consider when choosing the right place for your party or family reunion. The first thing is the weather. Do you want it covered for the rain or not? Do you want the porch to remain completely dry? Allow some time for planning and see what options are available.

There will be plenty of time once you have narrowed down your choices to find out what the demand is for a particular location then you will be able to make an informed decision about cost.


You will need planning for the pool house to make sure everything goes well on time and with proper arrangement at the proper place. Planning for a pool house can be fun and entertaining. With so many topics to talk about, though, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Suppose you are looking for an experienced contractor or builder to help oversee your construction projects and help make sure they are following all safety rules and regulations.

In that case, it may be best to get in contact with an architect. Pool houses are not just for comfort and relaxation; they are also the perfect place for hosting a party or special event.