How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool House? (Important Facts!)

Building a pool house is something that many homeowners dream of. Even if you’re not thinking about building a pool house, you should have the information you need to make sure your builder is doing things by the book.

Pool houses can be a great addition to your property, but they do take time to complete. In this article, you’ll discover how long it will take for your pool house to be built.

Building a pool house is also dependent on the weather. But if everything goes as planned, it should take no more than 8 to 12 weeks for the construction of a new pool house. That includes the time required to get permits and approvals from the homeowners’ association.

Things To Look After While Constructing A Pool House?

You must have planned to add a pool house for your swimming pool. However, before getting into any construction, here are some details that you must keep in mind.

Securing the proper permits

Here are some things you should consider before beginning a pool house project. Check if you require a building permit for your pool house project by contacting local governing bodies. A building permit is required before digging can begin on a property.

The permit serves as a legal requirement before starting construction on a project. Also, it requires ongoing monitoring by the city or county government Entity as well as a registered contractor. 


There are many ways to design a pool house that will complement your existing home. However, this doesn’t mean you should go crazy and do something that looks wrong or inappropriate. Pool houses are all about keeping things safe and within the norm, so it isn’t essential to pay attention to every little thing or try to match every carpet pattern.

Instead, pay attention to the overall look of your pool house. You should ask these questions to yourself while designing your pool house. Is it cohesive with the rest of your home? Does its structure match up well with its surroundings? Do the features provide natural light or privacy? 

Location and Space

Consider the space and location for your planned pool house. Is there enough space for a large pool house? Do you want a wide-open area or tight quarters? Decide early on whether you need a larger or smaller version of the pool house. A bigger version might be more appropriate for you because of your lifestyle or any nearby special events — family get-togethers, wedding receptions, holiday parties.

Once you’ve decided on a size, make sure it’s something you can easily store things in and that you can quickly get into and out of easily. You may consider it as a summer home if you enjoy swimming in the sun during the summer months.


Storage has become an essential component to any great pool house. If you want your belongings to be safe and secure, you must do all you can to ensure they are organized.

Pool house must have enough storage to store your swimming toys, swimming pool equipment and chemicals. 

Surrounding Area

The pool house should be beautifully designed, have a beautiful, well-maintained exterior with plants that bring so much color and life to the otherwise soulless concrete property. Beautiful landscaping enhances the aura of serenity within the property.

In addition, an enclosed area within the pool can help to regulate water temperature and circulate things like chlorine and pollutants throughout the pool area. 

There is something very relaxing about stepping into a pool house open area and enjoying the serenity that only nature can provide.

What Do You Need In A Pool House?

A pool house is one of the most luxurious living areas you can have for your pool entertainment and relaxing activities. The pool house should have a:

  • Proper seating area designed for lounging around in the sun.
  • It must have washrooms where you can go directly after swimming.
  • Having separate changing rooms to protect your privacy will be a must-have thing in the pool house. 

Why Do You Need A Pool House?

Pool houses are designed to allow residents or guests to enjoy the serenity of pool houses with comfort. The purpose of a pool house is to protect the family from the elements while allowing them to enjoy the leisure activities that they may enjoy in their private space.

A designated area for residential safety and convenience, a pool house is constructed with the same materials and design as residential buildings and usually has a formal entrance to allow common use.

Can I Build A Pool House In My Backyard?

Building a backyard pool house is a great way to get rid of indoor spaces that can not hold water. It also makes for an attractive outdoor amenity for family and friends to enjoy on vacations or at the pool. But should you? The answer is yes; you can build a pool house in your backyard if you have ample space to create one.

How Do I Turn My Shed Into A Pool House?

It is necessary to put some extra effort into making your home more comfortable. A shed can turn into a pool house by putting some effort into it. 

All you need to do is:

  • Close off the area around the shed
  • Add some sheets of plywood over the beaten-up floor (this will help protect the floors)
  • And cover the walls with felt or solid material (this will help protect the walls from damp).
  • You can provide some extra windows and doors for ventilation as well. Maintain the integrity of the exterior brickwork. 
  • Add some storage, make a separate room or partition to protect your privacy while changing clothes after swimming. 
  • You can also add a shower room to the pool house and make it even more comfortable. 

Can You Live In A Pool House?

Do you enjoy the outdoors? If so, you might be interested in living in a pool house. You can live in a pool house by lighting up the property with decorations and enjoy the peace and quiet as you relax on the weekends.

Pools are created for many reasons – from escaping the elements to just spending time together. Some people enjoy the mental peace of pool houses while others enjoy the physical aspects. 


How much time it will take to build a pool house is dependent on various factors. Like what all things you are going to include, like washrooms, washbasins, seating area, and many others. Building a big, beautiful pool house is an easy way to have fun and add value to your property. But it takes a lot of research and planning to build a pool house that is structurally sound and aesthetically good.