Are Hot Tub Jets Universal?

Not that long ago, I was in the market for hot tub jets. For those of you who don’t know, hot tub jets are one of the most important parts of a hot tub.

They set the mood and make things go from great to amazing! Knowing this, I made it a point to see if there were one or two universal jets I could use.

However, I kept on bumping into walls. This is when I got frustrated and decided to make this blog post to save other people the hassle.

Are Hot Tub Jets Universal?

Some hot tub models come with jets that are universal while others are designed for a particular brand of the hot tub. The jets that you get will also be different depending on the size and shape of your hot tub. For example, there are elongated hoses for larger jets and smaller hoses for smaller jets. A universal hot tub would have hoses of the same size no matter what type of hot tub it is.

What Is Hot Tub Jets?

Hot tub jets are the small bubble-like structures located at the bottom of your hot tub. They are responsible for creating bubbles in your spa, and creating massaging water currents for you to enjoy.

Hot tub jets come in different sizes and shapes, and depending on the shape can vary in capabilities. Typically they are either round, oval or egg-shaped and can range somewhere between 1-2″ to 3-4″ in diameter.

Can You Replace Hut Tub Jets?

Hot tub jets can come in a variety of types: misters, bubble jets, pulse jets, rotary jets, and pillow jets. Replacing a hot tub jet is going to depend on what type of jet that you are replacing.

If you do not have a spa owner’s manual or are not sure about the size and type of hot tub jets that you have, then you don’t want to start buying parts or wasting the time until you are sure. But if you know what hot tub jets you want to install, you can buy parts to install your jets.

Depending on the type of hot tub jets that fit your spa, you will be able to replace them yourself if you have the right tools and the right instructions. However, hot tub jet is a lot more complicated than you would suppose. It is better to call a professional if you are not an expert in this field.

Things To Know When Replacing Hot Tub Jets

Make sure you know whether the jets are recirculating or jetted spa hot tubs. In the former, you will only need to change the jet valve, the part that contains the heater. In the latter, the entire jet will need replacing.

Make sure you consult an expert about the best product to replace the old one. There are plenty of manufacturers that sell replacement hot tub jet parts. However, you should not settle for anyone.

Instead, do some browsing first. You can find the best brands on the internet, magazines and online and real stores. You may also notice a difference between high quality, medium and lower quality hot tub jets.

Also keep in mind that you may need a specialized tool that will help you replace the old ones.

Finding The Right Hot Tub Jet Replacement

There are various manufacturers of jets, so it is important to make sure that you are buying the right model.

The first step is to choose a jet that will cover your hot tub comfortably; this means that you either have to choose a jet that has multiple nozzles so as to create a larger bubble field or one with smaller nozzles if you cannot move around the tub comfortably.

If you opt for the latter, then you should also make sure that none of the nozzles sprays into frames and spas can be installed in your spa.

In addition, although some jets are equipped with several misting nozzles, there are other models which come with but two misting nozzles so as to save space, though such jets tend to produce smaller bubbles for this reason. If possible, try not to opt for a jet model which has fewer than two misting nozzles as it will establish an undesirable pattern in your spa’s water.

Whether you opt for an airjet or a bubblejet is up to you; as stated above, however, airjets are generally quieter and not as messy because they don’t require high-pressure injection. They also tend to use fewer chemicals, though this is largely due to the fact that they produce smaller bubbles.

Airjets are generally easier to install and tend to be more flexible than other types of jets because they can be installed almost anywhere in the spa. This flexibility comes from the fact that each nozzle can be rotated so as to create various patterns. Bubblejets, on the other hand, are more limited in this regard due to their fixed angle at which their nozzles spray fluid.

Airjets also generally emit bubbles at a slower pace than bubblejet nozzles do – about one or two times per second – and thus need more frequent chemical additions when used in conjunction with a filtration system which relies on waterfalls or spray bars for its operation.


In Conclusion, Universal Jets have become a thing. Not many people though knew about this feature and use it properly. The reason I say that is because you need to make sure that your jet are the right ones for your hot tub, whether you have an air jet or a water jet.

Also, make sure that your jets fit where they’re supposed to go in the hot tub as well as your hot tub. This way, they’ll be working just fine and not creating any problems for you.