14 Tips To Convert A Shed Into A Perfect Summer Pool House?

Summer is that time of year when the days are longer and the sun is shining warmer, and you know what that means…fun. Soon we’ll wake up to our favorite season, where we can walk around in swimsuits and eat ice cream.

Fun outdoor activities are always on our menu during the summer. We grab our friends and the most awesome gear and get out to enjoy time together in the sun.

So are you ready to start planning those summer holidays? A lovely sunshine break in the mountains? Topped off with a refreshing dip? And if you own a shed in your backyard, we have just the thing for you.

Can You Turn A Shed Into A Pool House?

You can turn a shed into a pool house. If you have an old wooden shed that’s not used anymore, don’t just tear it down! With a few modifications and additions, you can easily transform your shed into an attractive pool house for your backyard. If you’re handy with carpentry and a little creative when it comes to planning, pool houses don’t have to cost very much and can be great fun to design and build.

Pool houses are a great solution for hard-to-fit decks or backyards where a small pool house tucked away near the pool would actually look better than a stand-alone structure. With some creativity, you’ll be able to come up with ideas for your pool house that are quite different from what you’ve seen in most other houses.

So here’s a few tips on how to turn a shed into a pool house.

Tip #1: Clean Out Your Shed

In order to convert your shed from something that is used to store tools, garden equipment, and other outdoor items, into a shed, you will need to clean out the shed first. This will ensure that the dirt, dust, and other environmental factors do not affect your new building. Make sure that it is extremely clean with no dirt or anything that could cause a mould to start.

There might be few heavy things that you may need professionals to do their work. They will remove those heavy things and help you get rid of some rigid structures that need to disassemble or completely tear out.

Tip #2: Install A Few Windows, Doors

Installing some fancy new windows and doors will completely change the look of your shed. It will give you a good amount of ventilation and sun rays throughout your pool house. Choose the suitable materials to ensure that your pool house will last as long as possible. 

You can do this by choosing materials that are of high quality, which will last for a very long period of time. The best material for you to choose is wood, as it can withstand pressure and lasts for quite some time.

Before going out on a buying spree, take the time to measure your windows and doors first. Then, add one inch more to every measurement to ensure a comfortable fit. Also, make sure that you take into account the excess amount of materials needed for the installation.

Tip #3: Add More Storage

Pool houses are a great way to ensure that you have ample storage space. However, to make the most of this option, it’s important to plan by considering the design of the shed that you presently have.

You should plan your pool house storage carefully so that it is built to store all your swimming pool equipment, playing toys, and the chemicals that you want to keep away from your home for safety reasons.

Design the shed with plenty of shelving for storing pool accessories. You can design shelves that reach from floor to ceiling for ultimate storage space. You may also want to include hooks on the walls and cabinets and drawers on the floor – similar to those you would find in a kitchen – so that you can hang up, organize, and store everything neatly.

Finally, design a table on wheels that you can push up against the wall when it’s not in use.

Tip #4: Run Electricity To The Shed

It’s essential to think about your electrical requirements before building a pool house out of a shed. Because shed foundations are very different from home or office foundations, there’s no guarantee that you will get a proper electrical solution for your new space.

The best things to do are to put in a new electrical system when you build the pool house, or make every effort to bring your electrical system up to code. After researching some ideas on how to make a good swimming pool shed, following are the guidelines that I found useful:

  1. Make sure that there are at least two receptacle outlets in your sheds pool house, one for vacuum cleaners and one for other appliances such as hair dryers. If you can afford the extra cost, opt for ground fault protection for the outlets.
  2. Make sure that you have enough lighting in the pool house so it’s easy to see while you’re doing things during night time. You don’t want to be fumbling for a light switch in the dark.
  3. Place your phone line jack where it can be reached easily from anywhere in the pool shed. The last thing you want is to make an important phone call while holding the phone in your hand.

Tip #5: Add Shower

A pool house adds value to your home and a pool area. Adding a showering system to your pool house is a necessary thing to do in a pool house. Your shower system could be small and simple, like a simple washroom, or it could be more substantial, exotic, and luxurious with beautiful fixtures and fittings. The shower system in a pool house plays an important role as it serves the guests and owners.

Tip #6: Bistro Style Patio Area

A shed can be converted into a pool house with ample open space with patio areas surrounding the structure. Convert your pool house patio area to Bistro Style Patio to take maximum leverage of outdoor spaces surrounding the pool house.

It will give your pool house a luxurious look that you might be wondering about for years. Not only that this shows off the versatility of sheds, but it also demonstrates how you can make simple changes within the space to transform it into beautiful living areas.

Tip #7: Music Therapy

Your shed can be converted into the perfect place to relax and for relaxation there is no substitute for Music Therapy. Having a music system at your pool house will keep your mind relaxed and help reduce stress. Plus, it will be fun while you arrange parties at your pool house. 

Tip #8: Yoga Corner

Yoga Corner is one of many resources that can help you start practicing yoga regularly. Having your very own yoga corner at one of the corners of your pool house will be a great idea to keep practicing yoga regularly. Yoga can bring you a peaceful life, and a pool house will be the perfect place to practice it without any distractions.

Tip #9: Soothing Ambiance with Hanging Lights

The hanging lights in the patio of your pool house can add a relaxing effect that will give you a new look. The Ambiance at the pool house with Hanging Lights will light up your pool house for a fantastic view.

You will be able to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere by creating a soothing mood. A pool house is a place where we spend our quality time, and decorating it with dramatic hanging lights will make it look beautiful.

Tip #10: Add Some Exotic Plants

Your new pool house will need to be appropriately decorated to bring some color and life to space; so that it will not look dreary and dull. Choose the exotic plants that can survive harsh environments to minimize your efforts of maintaining them. If planned properly, these plants can also be used to provide shade over the tubs.

Tip #11: Give The Exterior Some Love

Don’t forget about the pool house. It’s important too! You don’t have to head out into the ocean to do it. All you need is a paintbrush and some fresh paint.

But before you repaint, think about:

  • What type of paint you want to use.
  • Do you want to buy a paint gun or a brush? How you want to apply the paint.
  • Should you apply the paint in thin layers so that it goes on smoothly?

Add touches of coastal style- think seashell mirrors, brass finishes and rope lighting- to make your recreational space extra charming.

Tip #12: Coolers

Adding a cooler onto the pool house is a good idea for storage. This will make it easy to keep cold drinks on hand for the pool guests. People can often get hot and thirsty when spending time in the sun. And you can just carry the drinks on the opposite side of the pool house to the pool to keep things organized.

You could also use frozen jugs of water or ice to block the sunlight from coming into the rooms.

If you are adding coolers to your pool house, you also should make sure they are in a ventilated area.

The last tip to keep your pool house cool is to keep the doors and windows closed when the outside temperature rises above the inside temperature.

Tip #13: Shades

Adding shades on your pool house is a great tip to keep your pool house cool. When the sun is out and its scorching hot outside, the last thing you’re looking for is spending it sitting in the pool house getting hot.

Shades can keep the heat out and the cool in. When using shades, you can also open the windows to let the breeze in with a cooler temperature.

Tip #14: Cushions

Cushions are also a good investment for your pool house. Cushion will not only add comfort to your pool house but it will add a great look as well. An outdoor cushion in the patio is a great idea to give you a warm feeling when sitting in your pool house.

To make sure that the cushion stays nice and clean, use a waterproof cover. Waterproof covers will protect your cushion from exterior factors like water and molds.

Do You Need Planning Permission To Convert Your Shed Into A Pool House?

If the relevant land has been previously permitted for any development, you only need to contact the local planning office. The terms and conditions should note that developing the land is within development rights.

If you’re developing is outside of permitted development rights, meaning it’s not covered by planning permission, then you won’t be subject to further planning permission or a public consultation.

You might be required to register an application with the local planning authority and pay a peppercorn fee, but this is unlikely.

What Else Should A Pool House Include?

A pool house, often called a pool cottage, is an addition to a home that provides a separate place to relax and change in the backyard while at the same time entertaining guests.

Pool houses will have changing rooms, showers, toilets, sometimes a bathtub. A standard pool house will also include a seating area either included as interior space or an outdoor patio. A pool house like this will be comfortable for a few people. 

A pool house can be an exceptional retreat or party room and can feature a kitchen and dining area, depending upon the individual’s requirement. However, it can also have a guest suite above the living space and could also be used as a studio, workshop, or bedroom.


Sheds can be converted to pool houses to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you want an all-weather storage area or a place to hang out with friends during the warm summer months, there is always enough room in the pool house for all of the things. You can design your very own beautiful pool house out of a shed that suits your needs.