Can You Put An Outdoor Shower On A Deck? (Benefits and Things To Consider)

Wondering if you can put an outdoor shower on your deck? If you’ve already built a deck and now want to know more about adding an outdoor shower, you may be surprised to learn how versatile they are.

Yes, you can put a shower on a deck or balcony! However, you may need to consider the weight of the shower in relation to the support of the deck. The weight of the shower will also depend on how many people will be using it at the same time.

In general- a deck is supported on each end by posts, and in the middle by joists. If you are on a wooden deck, you should attach the shower to the joists using a joist hanger, and if you are on a concrete deck, you can attach the shower to the concrete using an expansion bolt.

Outdoor shower installations do not have to be hard to create or take on one of the most popular deck options available today.

There are many benefits of having an outdoor shower on your deck, and one of the best is the added value it provides for outdoor enthusiasts. Some people consider an outdoor shower as an unnecessary luxury. However, those who regularly do outdoor activities know the importance of having one. 

Why Have A Shower On Your Deck?

Outdoor Showers on a deck or patio are the new craze for many homeowners. The people who spend a lot of their time outdoors, like doing exercises, swimming, and gardening, feel an outdoor shower a must-have thing.

So, why do they realize the importance of having an outdoor shower on their deck? Let us see.


If you have children and spend a lot of time at the swimming pool or on the beach, an outdoor shower is necessary to de-sand before heading back home. A well-designed shower allows the user to take each step in an effective way to wash off all the soap suds and dirt, reducing exposure to germs and viruses that can make their way into your home or on your clothing.

Connection To Nature

Showering outside is a good way to reconnect with nature, ground yourself, and take advantage of a gorgeous outdoor space. Nothing beats the feeling of refreshing water on your skin in the calming outdoor space after outdoor activity.

Environmentally Sound

Using shower water for the garden sounds environmentally friendly. There are various ways to recycle the used shower water and use it for irrigation. 

One good way is to use non-toxic soaps and add water filtering directly into your garden via a drip irrigation system. With this, no unnecessary chemicals will pollute your water, and recycling water becomes a lot easier than you might think. 

The other way is to install a wastewater treatment system with little investment.


It’s no secret that a cold shower could be the secret weapon to fighting off germs and keeping your skin healthy. Recent studies show that going for a short shower during the winter is better than staying inside all day. What could be better than a quick burst of fresh air that removes stress?

Things To Consider While Installing Outdoor Shower On Deck

While you are planning to install an outdoor shower in your backyard, deck, or patio. Then you will need to do a quick survey of the outdoor area and consider the following things while installing an outdoor shower.

Think About The Space

While planning outdoor showers, the first important thing that needs to be looked after is space. You will need at least three sq. ft. area to build an outdoor shower. However, more space means more comfort. 

While choosing space, you have to think about plumbing. If you need a hot and cold water system then you will need to be more attentive about choosing space. 

Because it will need installation of solar heaters or water heaters. Or will need an extension from indoor hot water plumbing. If you are worried about the budget then going with an indoor plumbing extension from indoor is a good option. For that, you will need to choose the wall of your home where a hot water tab can be installed easily. 

If you want to install an outdoor shower away from home, then choosing an area with adequate sunshine will be helpful.

Protect Your Privacy

Choosing an area covered with plants or wall extensions will be a good idea to protect your privacy. If you can not find a place, then it is better to build one with little expenses. There are plenty of options available in the market to build outdoor shower enclosures that will also improve the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Climate & The Material

Always choose the outdoor shower material that goes with the weather that you are living in. Long-lasting material that can resist stains and corrosions should be your first choice. Anyways, you will not like to change the system now and then and get into trouble installing it again and again. So, it is good to go with a legit shower system that can last longer without getting dull or decayed.

Choose Suitable Styling That Fits Your Outdoor Décor

If you love decorating your outdoor spaces, then be cautious about selecting an outdoor shower system. Go with the one that fits your outdoor decor.

Drainage System

The proper drainage system is required to have healthy surroundings outdoors. There are various simple ways to drain out the water from outdoor shower areas. You can opt-in for an environmentally friendly drainage system. And recycle the water by installing some water treatment plants to treat used water. 

How Big Should An Outdoor Shower Be?

Every homeowner needs to understand how much space you need for a shower or bathing area before installation. The minimum space required for an outdoor shower is three sq.ft., but you can go for a bigger one if you want.


The best advice when building a deck is to make sure that it will be able to handle the weight of the shower and its use. If the material is not strong enough to handle the pressure of being used as an outdoor shower, the deck could cave or crack. An unconditioned area could also cause water to freeze which could damage and start breaking apart joists.