How To Make An Outdoor Shower With Hot Water? (3 Easy Methods)

Having an outdoor shower is a great comfort. But, do you feel you should have two faucets? One for cold water supply and the other for hot water supply. Yes, it is a great idea to have an outdoor shower with hot water to get comfortable throughout every season. 

Now the question is how to make an outdoor shower with hot water? How to heat the water for outdoor showers?

Well, there are various options to have a hot water tap for your outdoor shower.

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Ways To Heat Water For Your Outdoor Shower

Everyone loves taking showers outdoors, but having cold water shower every time in all the weather is not comfortable, especially on cold breezy days. Here are the ways to heat water outside for your outdoor shower.

Use Existing Hot Water System

Usage of a hot water system indoors is the easiest and inexpensive way to heat water for your outdoor shower. You will have to run some plumbing out of your house and run it up the wall to connect with the outdoor shower. Just make sure all connections are secure so that you do not end up with leaks.

Tankless Gas Water Heater

Tankless gas water heaters do not use storage tanks to collect hot water. Instead, they start working the very moment you turn on a faucet and immediately supply a continuous flow of hot water. They are appealing because they can be plumbed directly into your existing plumbing system and do not require any additional structure or piping.

Solar Water Heater

There is no denying that the solar water heater is an eco-friendly way to heat water and can save electricity. Simply attach it to the south-facing roof of your home. The sun will heat the water in a black tube made from high-quality ABS plastic, which you can store in the attic and use later.

Points To Remember While Installing Outdoor Shower 

Installing an outdoor shower is becoming more popular in backyards, patios, and decks. Luxurious bathing zones are the most popular choices by outdoor enthusiasts. 

Are you thinking about installing one at your own house? Then check these pointers before you move ahead with the installation procedure.


There are numerous things to look after while choosing the perfect accessory for your outdoor shower. Here are a few handy tips to select the suitable shower for your outdoors. 

Apart from these, consulting a professional about costings and installation will benefit you to understand each of these requirements.

Extending Indoor Plumbing

If your outdoor shower is close to your house, a simple hose pipe extension will deliver hot water for your outdoor bath. But you will need one more thing: drainage as you will need to get rid of the shower wastewater.

Garden Hose

Connecting your existing garden hose to your outdoor shower is an easy, cost-effective and flexible option. You can choose a place where you want your outdoor shower and can just extend your garden hose till the point and your outdoor shower is ready to use. 

Fixed Plumbing

Installing a permanent water line for your outdoor shower is expensive but is the most efficient way to have a rigid outdoor shower. But if you want something luxurious, away from home amidst your garden. Then fixed plumbing is the best option. A luxury outdoor shower can turn an ordinary deck into a fabulous space to relax. The process of installing new pipes requires some extra work and money, but it will pay off with a whole unique luxurious experience.


Outdoor showers can bring ambiance to your pool or garden. Outdoor showers are a great way to add something different to an existing garden, deck, or patio. But while installing a shower outdoors, you need to look after the drainage system. They do not need to be complex drainage systems, but having simple drainage is of utmost importance. Because frequently draining your bath or showering wastewater into your garden can cause problems and health hazards. Choose the drainage option that works for you. 

There are multiple simple ways to drain out shower water from your outdoor shower area. A few of them are Shower Pan, Dry Well, French Drain, etc.


Choosing a proper location at your convenience is crucial. There are various locations you choose from to install the shower system at your home.

Close To Nature

Outdoor bathing is the simple idea to experience a fresh breeze and leafy greens outside and connect to nature. Look around your outdoor garden and find a spot that offers privacy and a great connection to nature.

Next To Your House Wall

There’s nothing like a hot outdoor shower after a long day. If you need a hot shower within your budget, choosing a shower location next to your house will be a good option. 

With little expense, you can extend your internal hot and cold water system to the outdoor spaces and can have the comfort of having a hot water bath even on cold and breezy days. 

Making Use Of Existing Floor

Having a clean, flat, comfortable, and non slippery shower base is essential. You can either use the existing patio, deck, or a concrete floor as a shower base or install a new one. But using existing floors as a shower base is a cost-effective and easy way.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do outdoor showers need drains?

Yes, of course. Outdoor showers need drains. You can opt-in for simple techniques to get rid of shower wastewater from your outdoor shower area. If you think that the outdoor water will dry away naturally because of air and sunlight, it is not going to happen. The soil in your outdoor area can not absorb water to one point. And the water that remains on the ground for a long time can become slippery and create health hazards.

Which pipe is best for outdoor showers? 

The outdoor shower pipes should be long-lasting and should stay strong underground if you need them to run through the underground. The galvanized metal is the best and can be installed underground.  


There are various ways to have hot water for outdoor showers. Having hot water will bring you many comforts as it will be accessible throughout almost all seasons. You should take proper precautions while installing an outdoor shower so that the system will be long-lasting, durable, and have great accessibility.