Painting Outdoor Planters? Things You Need To Know

Outdoor planters always add charm to the outdoor spaces. They look pretty and add that green element of freshness and glory. You can make them look even more beautiful by painting them with bright colors. Color is often the first impression you make on people. Colors can attract attention, give instant emotions and memories and change the way people look at things. But while coloring these beautiful planters with the color of your choice it is important to choose the proper color. The color that is waterproof and will not fade away very soon will go best with these outdoor planters. 

And the acrylic colors are the best-suited options that are waterproof and can fit well on any textured planters made up of any material. Acrylic colors are available in all different shades and you can put all your creativity to color your outdoor planters with the colors that you want. In acrylic paints, try to purchase those that are specifically designed for exterior use.

Outdoor Planters

Can You Paint An Outdoor Planter?

Yes, you can paint outdoor planters with beautiful acrylic colors available in the market. You can paint almost all kinds of planters with acrylic colors, whether it is clay or metal or wood, it does not matter. Acrylic colors perfectly fit on any surface. It is a waterproof color so, you do not have to worry about the color washing away while putting water on the plants. 

Types Of Paint You Can Use On Outdoor Planters

You can put acrylic colors on your planters. Multiple manufacturers have different variants in acrylic colors. Acrylic spray colors are also available in the market to make your work even easier. It is very easy to use and gives great results with minimum effort. You can also easily get this product in any hardware store or home improvement store near your place at an affordable price. 

If you want to give your planter a shiny finish, then enamel paints are the best choice for you as it has high sheen properties which makes it look glossy after drying up completely. Enamel paints dry quickly and have no strong odors like other oil-based paints do so, it is safe to use around your plants without harming them.

What Is The Best Paint For Outdoor Planters

The best paint for outdoor planters is always acrylic paints as they can go with any material type. These paints will not wash away or tear out because of harsh sunlight if you chose the one with a good manufacturer. These are available in multiple shades, and silver and golden color shades are also available in acrylic paints. You can make perfect use of it to give that extra tint of glossiness to your creation. 

What Qualities To Look For A Paint For Outdoor Planters?

The best type of paint for outdoor planters is the type that is waterproof and can withstand outdoor environments. Acrylic and spray acrylic paints are the most common paints and are suitable for outdoor planters. If you have been using other kinds of paint, you need to switch to this type of paint. 

Can You Spray Paint An Outdoor Planter?

Spray painting outdoor planters can be a really fun and easy way to add some color and charm to your yard, deck, or patios. Spray painting is also much easier than it looks. No need for expensive stencils or fancy brushes – just grab your favorite spray paint and get started! You can even do this with kids as long as they are old enough not to put their fingers in the paint (and if you have younger children, make sure an adult supervises). Using acrylic paints for your planters is the best option because they are water-based and non-toxic. Just be sure that whatever kind of surface you use it on is clean.

Tips To Make The Paint Last Long

Are your acrylic paints starting to chip on your planters? It’s more common than you think, especially when pieces of the paint have been scratched, chipped, or rubbed off. To make your acrylic paints last longer on your planters, here are some tips:

  • Seal the painted surface with a matte sealer or clear coat to protect it from chipping and fading. This will also ensure that the paint stays for years! 
  •  If you want to use a glossy finish instead of a matte one, remember to sand down any rough edges before painting them again.
  •  Always clean off any dust or dirt from the surface of your piece before applying acrylic paints on top of it!
  • Choose the best paint type from the best manufacturers.
  • Use good quality brushes and rollers when applying paints onto surfaces like wood, metal, ceramics, etc.

How do you paint outdoor planters?

Painting your outdoor planters is not that difficult. However, you will need to follow the specific steps as per the following to avoid the mess.

1. Get the paint of your choice from the market

2. Make sure your planter is clean and dry

3. Put down newspaper or old sheets

4. Paint it in sections starting at the bottom and working your way up

5. Let it dry, then move onto the next step

6. When you think it’s ready, give it a final coat, finish off the edges.

7. If you want your painted planters to show off as a beautiful addition to your porch, don’t forget to paint the patio where they will reside.


Outdoor planters look great when they are decorated with bright dominant colors. Choosing paint colors for planters can be challenging, so it is important to choose wisely. As you want your outdoors bright and shiny but at the same time, you do not want any toxic component in it that may hamper your plants. Since you will be putting it outdoors they must withstand all the environmental conditions. So, the acrylic colors are the best among all to paint your outdoor planters!