What Is The Best Kind Of Paint To Use On Outdoor Planters?

Planters are often composed of wood or plastic, and hold plants, vegetables, and other decorations. They’re a great way to spruce up any indoor or outdoor spaces. But even with planters, appearance is incredibly important. After all, you purchased your planters to upgrade the look of your garden, right?

In this article, we’ll explain what paint is best for planters and what things you should consider before starting the project.

painted outdoor planters

Is it Important to Paint Outdoor Planters?

Painting is something most homeowners will have to do sooner or later. Some choose to replace planters altogether, some refresh only the pots and others completely repaint them. If you’re one of those who need to paint outdoor planters, there are several things you should know before you get started. But first, let’s dive deeper into why paint is important for outdoor planters.

First up, paint protects outdoor planters from external factors. Earlier, we established that an outdoor planter may be made up of wood or plastic materials. For plastic outdoor planters, it is highly unlikely for them to erode. So painting them would be just for their external looks rather than protecting them from degradation. 

On the other hand, wood outdoor planters are more prone to degradation. The surface of the wood outdoor planter may be degraded when it’s repeatedly exposed to high and low temperatures. Moreover, it may also be affected if it’s exposed to direct sunlight. This causes the surface to develop roughness, checkings, splittings, and wood erosion. So, the only to stop these things from happening is through painting or coating the surface of your outdoor planter. 

What is the Best Paint to Use on Outdoor Planters?

Now that we know that paint is necessary for our outdoor planters especially wood materials, what are the best paints available in the market for us to use? However, before we start, you should first determine your purpose. If you’re just looking to paint your outdoor planters for aesthetics, you can easily avail of common paints in the market. However, if you’re looking to protect your planters on top of the aesthetics, then this article got you covered! Here are the best paints for you to use:

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is also widely known as flaxseed oil, which is one of the most popular and effective wood finishes in the world. Linseed oil is a common preservative of wood that saturates deep enough into the wood grains and protects them against scratches, roughness, and changes in humidity. Linseed is also a practical paint to invest in because it has an unlimited shelf life. You just have to store it properly and never let it dry.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is also one of the most popular wood finishes in the market. It’s able to darken and richen the wood surface while giving it protection. The natural viscosity of Hemp Oil enables it to penetrate porous surfaces relatively well. Hemp Oil is also perfectly suitable for outdoor wood planters because it protects them from erosion due to their exposure to water. 

Dark Tung Oil

Like Hemp Oil and Linseed Oil, Dark Tung Oil is also a stain that protects the wood surfaces. It’s able to resist marring and penetrates well into the wood surface. Moreover, it builds quickly, consolidates to the wood surface effectively, and is able to provide a dark wood matte wood finish, making it very popular for several owners. It is also worth mentioning that owners should keep it in an airtight container for storage purposes. 

Acrylic Craft Paint

Acrylic Paint can basically be used on any type of surface. Moreover, it is especially effective on materials that are exposed outside. You can easily score Acrylic Paints in the market which are water-based, self-sealing, non-toxic, and can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. Perfect for the kids! 

Milk Paints

Milk paints can also be considered as one of the best choices for painting outdoor planters, especially wood. You can use it directly on raw wood over existing painted surfaces. Milk paints can either be stains or opaque paint, it’s basically up to the user on which one he prefers. It easily penetrates the wood surface for a long-lasting finish that hardly chips or flakes. 

Chalk Paints

Like Milk Paints, Chalk Paints can also be used on virtually any type of surface. Apparently, it is most popularly used on wood surfaces. A lot of owners that use chalk paints want classic, old furniture looks on their wood surfaces. Aside from the rustic and vintage finish Chalk Paints boast of, they are also user-friendly that’s why it’s very popular.

How often should you paint your outdoor planters?

Just like what’s been mentioned in the earlier parts of the article, it depends on your purpose. If your purpose is to maintain the outdoor planter’s aesthetic look, then you can paint it whenever you deem it necessary. If you’re worried about the safety and security of your outdoor planters against erosion, then you may check them regularly and see if the protective coatings wear off. If that happens, you can easily paint or coat them again. 


Painted outdoor planters can not only add a pop of color and personality to your living or workspace; but painted planters can also improve the look, value, longevity, and functionality of your planters. Painted planters can also add life to any space, indoors or out. They make an apartment stand out, liven up a dull lobby, and creates a welcoming feel in the office. 

These are just some of the simple reasons why maintaining your outdoor planters can benefit you and your home entirely. Moreover, the primary purpose of painting your outdoor planters is to make sure that they last long enough. So, always make sure that your outdoor planters are properly maintained!