How Many Watts Does a Traeger Grill Use?

When it comes to wood grilling & smoking, Traeger pellet grills are unparalleled in convenience and affordability. The cost of pellets is low enough so that it doesn’t compete with your budget. But does Taeger grill work on only pellets, or does it need some other power supply to operate? Yes, the Traeger grill needs electricity to operate the hot rod and a fan to ignite the wood pellets inside the firepot.

Traegers are only used on 110-volt AC power and can be powered with a 400-watt inverter and a suitable battery. The first three minutes of use, the Traeger draws 280 watts.

You can use the Traeger 400-Watt Dual Outlet Mobile Power Inverter to power your Traeger grill as it is the most convenient option while you are barbecuing outside away from your home and do not have any provision for electricity. 

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Do Traeger Grills Use a Lot of Electricity?

Traeger grills use electricity, but just to operate the system , the real cooking is done with the help of wood pellets. Just plug the grills into a standard outlet as most Traeger grills will have an electrical socket that needs to be plugged in. As long as you can connect them to power, you’ll be able to use them as you usually would. Most Traeger grill owners plug them into a standard household electrical outlet.

Will a Traeger Run On a Generator?

Yes, you can run a Traeger on a generator, but you have to consider it, just for emergencies. Some of the portable generators can generate enough electricity to run a Traeger grill, but it’s not recommended because it will be noisy while cooking. Instead, you can use inverters as they are the most feasible option for outdoor cooking and grilling.

Can You Use a Pellet Grill Without Electricity?

The digital control system on pellet grills makes thermal energy distribute throughout the grill and also helps cooking food evenly. And this digital control system needs electricity to operate. So, pellet grills can not work without electricity.

How Does a Traeger Grill Work?

The Traeger grill is fueled by hardwood pellets, which cook food quickly and evenly. The pellets are moved from the storage hopper to the fire pot by an auger. The heating unit—called a HotRod—then ignites the pellets in the firepot. And a thermostat in the grills acts as a digital controller that maintains a consistent temperature up to 400°F.

Are Traeger Grills Easy To Use?

Traeger grills are a simplistic design and are easy to use. To operate Traeger grills, all you have to do is turn it on by plugging its socket. Set the temperature in the thermostat on the front panel of the Traeger grill, feed some pellets into the auger, and the set up is ready to cook your favorite dish. The stainless steel drip pan underneath keeps everything nice and clean if there happen to be any drippings from your food. 

The variable temperature setting allows you to cook your food however you want.

How Are Traeger Grills Powered?

When you plug the Traeger grill, a rotating auger delivers pellets from the hopper to the firebox, where they ignite with the hot rod and are burned to generate heat for cooking. The auger which operates on electricity automatically feeds pellets to the central burn chamber. Traeger grills have a hopper capacity of about 40 pounds, so you won’t need to feel the hopper now and then.

What Is So Special About a Traeger Grill?

The digital temperature control system integrated with thermometers is an excellent feature of Traeger grills that distributes the temperature evenly. Food tastes great when cooked on a Traeger grill, and this is partly because the food tastes fantastic when it is grilled with smoky flavor from wood pellets. Traeger grills are easy to operate and make BBQ much easier than other traditional methods.


When you try to decide which grill to buy for your next camping trip, it’s essential to choose the best pellet grills and understand what things it will need to operate. Traeger pellet grills need wood pellets as well as electricity. Generally, it runs at 30 watts, but initially, it will need 300 Watts of electricity for the first 5-10 minutes to ignite a hot rod. After that, to operate the thermostat and other things, it will need only 30 watts.