Is My Outdoor Planters Safe?

When you have outdoor planters, you want to make sure they are safe. After all, you have a lot of money invested in the planter, and when you go outside, you want to know it is secure. This means knowing your planters are able to protect themselves against intruders who wish to steal from you. With that in mind, it’s important to know how they will stop potential thieves.

Moreover, our outdoor planters should also be safe from external properties that can potentially harm or degrade them. These external factors include continuous exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and especially rain. 

 There are many different ways that your planters can keep themselves safe for your valuables inside. In this article, we’re going to tackle questions regarding the safety and overall security of your outdoor planters!

are outdoor planters safe

How Do I Secure My Outdoor Planters Outside?

Nothing could be worse than waking up the next morning just to find out that your precious outdoor planters were stolen or messed up, right? That would certainly ruin your day. Mind you, we’re not talking about intruders or thieves only, a strong storm or wind may ruin your outdoor planters and plants too! 

One way to secure your outdoor planters is to fixate them on a land anchor. A land anchor is a device that’s supposedly hammered into the ground that has a chain or steel cable attached to it. Then, the planter can be secured on this chain to prevent them from being easily taken away.

Another easier way to secure your planters, especially hanging pots, is to install a weatherproof padlock on them. You can use this weatherproof padlock together with a chain or cable to properly secure it. 

How Do I Stop People from Stealing My Outdoor Planters?

Yes, outdoor planters are prone to be robbed especially if the plant inside is rare, exotic, or expensive. Sometimes, what planters themselves are the targets because of their expensive material. So, you also have to be careful with people that may have an interest in your precious outdoor planters. Now, what are the ways to stop them from robbing your planters? Here are some:

One primary solution is to upgrade your perimeter security. This includes beefing up your walls and fences. Some houses construct taller walls because they have valuable items in their garden. Moreover, some owners also install fences to prevent intruders from climbing up the tall walls. Barbed Wires are popular security options too because it completely prevents someone to climb up your property. 

You can also purchase anti-climb products including anti-climb paints and roller barriers. Some owners also invest in the newest technology LED lights with motion sensors. These can be easily installed and secured at strategic locations of your property. Once they detect movements at your property, the lights will suddenly flicker or brighten which may scare the intruder away.

Another brilliant alternative to barbed wires and fences is defensive plants. These are easy to grow, thorned plants such as Pyracantha and Berberis. These can be easily installed at the top of your walls or even at the bottom part. This ensures that the intruder won’t have any safe landing spots if he trespasses on your property. 

Do Outdoor Planters Need Holes at the Bottom?

Yes! Apart from being secured from thieves and natural phenomena, owners should also see to it that their outdoor planters have sufficient holes at the bottom. The purpose of these holes is to provide a drainage system for your planters. Of course, different plants require different care procedures so it is also important for owners to be aware of them. 

Do Outdoor Planters Need to be Off the Ground?

It depends on your outdoor planters and the plants that they contain. There are some cases where harmful rots and mildew can build up on the outdoor planters. This causes the materials to rot away and ultimately destroy them completely. 


Planters are usually placed outdoors and are often full of plants or flowers. This makes them a perfect target for people who want to steal them. The issue is that many planters are not secured by locks and thus, they can be easily stolen. It is important to create security measures for these planters so that they do not get stolen and the owners have their property returned to them safely.

It’s always up to the owners whether they would want to invest in the security and safety of their precious outdoor planters. We can never get rid of bad souls that will try and take away our things, but we can always initiate protecting our things from those bad souls.