4 Reasons Why Wicker Baskets Make Noise?

Wicker baskets have been around for a long time and most people probably think they’re great for storage because they provide a unique appeal to their plastic counterparts. Chances are that if you have wicker somewhere in your home more than likely you also have these wonderful noisemakers known as wicker baskets! ​ ​


Have you ever heard your wicker basket make noise and wondered why? The reason is actually pretty interesting.

While this may sound like a simple question the answer is not quite so simple.

There are several things that go into why wicker baskets make noise such as:

1. Wicker rattles and clacks because it has openings in the weave, for the passage of air.

2. This irregular spacing causes different areas of the wicker basket to vibrate at different rates when impacted or jostled.

3. When the wicker is wet it shrinks and shortens which causes it to tightly fit against its nestlings causing more noise.

4. When wicker is dry (and hot) it expands and elongates which produces the noise.


I love wicker. Wicker furniture and wicker baskets are lovely for decorating and storing things in. But one of my biggest pet peeves with wicker is the fact that it always makes a squeaking noise when you move it or shift your weight on it. It also happens with smaller wicker items like wicker baskets.

Not only does this sound gross, but it can get really annoying, too. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make your wicker furniture a little quieter!


Wicker can make those creaking and crackling sounds most especially when they are dry, so the best way to avoid this is to keep them moist. 

Simply wipe your wicker once a week if you can use a clean damp cloth with any type of cleaning product in your home as long as it is mild.

Make sure not to put too much water as this can lead to weaken and warp the fibers and encourage the grown of mildew in the cracks and crevices. 


To keep your wicker basket from drying out, what you can do is to mist it once at least for every three weeks. It doesn’t mean submerge it into the water because it can damage it.

Just go ahead a wet it a little bit it using a spray bottle and about 3 feet away and let the mist settle.  

Dust might have settled in, so before you mist them, try cleaning them first and perhaps vacuum them from time to time. This is supposed to be for more oversized wicker furniture but can be applied to small items like wicker baskets. 


If you already tried a regular wipe-down and still it doesn’t stop those annoying noises, then another good option you can do is to use a varnish

If you have old wicker, then it may probably lose its coating and original varnish. You can tell if this is the case by looking at its color. If it looks pale and dry looking, then it’s most likely that the protective coating has worn off. 

The best you can do is to revarnish your wicker with the correct sealant. By doing so, this will rejuvenate its fibers, and hopefully, this stops the creaking noise. Not only will it remove the noise, but It will make it looks good as new again. 

But remember, if you already worked out regular maintenance and even took the effort to revarnish it, the noises don’t go away. Then perhaps your wicker has finally come to its end. It’s either you’ll have to endure the noise or purchase a new wicker basket. 

Coating wicker with varnish is a very good idea. Aside from just baskets, you can also do this for wicker furniture like dining chairs, for example.


As mentioned earlier, avoid your wicker becoming too wet because if it does, it will cause warping and damage the fibers. Always dry the wicker as soon as it’s been cleaned. 

Do not put them anywhere close on near wet surfaces such as your kitchen faucet, as you can accidentally soak your wicker basket. 

When drying wicker pieces, do not use a hairdryer or heat gun as they can cause warping or flame damage to the wicker basket. If you choose to use heat, keep in mind that heat can fade colors, or distort the material. A hairdryer will cause tiny splits that may allow water to seep in or may even burn you.


In Conclusion, Wicker baskets make noises because of the wicker material that it’s made of. Ranging from creaking to scratching, there are many noises you will hear when wicker is moved even if you just simply breathe near it.

Wicker may be made of fibers that are easily moved but this is what makes them flexible and attractive.

Wicker baskets are beautiful and can be a wonderful addition to your home or office which is why it is important that their upkeep must be addressed so it can serve you for years to come without the need for replacement.