How Long Does Jerky Take On A Traeger?

Some people are afraid to use their grill only because they are unsure of cooking jerky. That’s why we have gathered this detailed information about how long it takes to cook jerky on a Traeger grill. The recommended cooking time for jerky on the Traeger is 4-5 hours at 160-180 Degrees temperature settings. 

Jerky tastes great when cooked on a Traeger Grill because it’s easy to control the amount of time that the meat spends in the Traeger Grill by setting up the specific temperature. 

Slow cooking always enhances the taste and flavor of the food and Traeger grills are perfect for slow cooking. 

As well as you can cook a big amount of food in one go and can save your efforts and time in cooking especially when you are having a lot of other things to do together with your friends and family while outdoors barbecuing.


How Long Does It Take To Smoke A Jerky In Traeger Grill?

It is important that you cook the Jerky in the smoker like Traeger grill to get the perfect smoked flavor. The longer a food is cooked, the better it tastes and the more enjoyable it can be. Cooked food has a much higher flavor than raw foods, so it is important to cook the food till it gets completely cooked. 

If you want that smoky flavor then cook the jerky for 6-8 hours in the Traeger grill at 160-degree temperature. 

Remember the low-temperature setting in the Traeger grill from about 160-225 degrees will give you good smoke to get that smoky flavor inside the food. If you go beyond this temperature then you may end up in very little smoke and will not get that smoky flavored food that you may expect from a Traeger smoker.

Good steaks and bite-sized foods have very good flavor because they are cooked, not raw. There is a long list of pros to smoking your food. The meat will tenderize, and the smoke will make your food taste amazing.

Is Jerky Easy To Cook?

Jerky is a great option for anyone who loves meat and is also good for one who is looking for a healthy meal option. Jerky is particularly easy to prepare and can be stored in your freezer. And Traeger grill makes it easy to cook at once and you can save it to eat further while camping. Jerky is not that easy to cook, but in Traeger grill, it becomes easy. 

You will find that each variety of jerky and its recipe is slightly different from the other, depending on what your specific tastes are. You can choose the recipe of your choice and cook it easily on the Traeger grill. You will find many recipes to cook Jerky in a Traeger grill on YouTube. 

How Do You Know When The Jerky Is Done?

When you cook jerky in a Traeger grill it will look dark brown when it is completely cooked. It will turn crispier and you can break it easily once it is cooled down after cooking. You try to cut it into pieces with your fingers if it is easily breakable then Jerky is done and is ready to eat. 

No matter which method you are going to use, the key factor is that the jerky should be completely steady when you pull it apart.

Do You Flip A Jerky On A Smoker/Traeger

The temperature in the Traeger grill is distributed evenly so, you do not need to flip Jerky while smoking or grilling in the Traeger grill. You just need to lay them straight on the grills or in the grilling basket so that they will not get piled up and remain raw because of not getting exposed to the ideal temperature present in the Traeger grill to cook it evenly. 

You just need to be careful while laying the steaks of Jerky and then need to set the temperature and your delicious jerky will get cooked in Traeger in no time.

Best Temperature To Smoke A Beef Jerky

Setting temperature in the Trager grill to smoke or grill the jerky is an important factor to look after. You do not want to set the temperature where your jerky will get burned or do not get cooked and instead stay raw. You always need to set up an ideal temperature so that the jerky will get cooked slowly to retain the maximum flavors from the ingredients that you are putting in, to make it delicious. 

Ideally, the temperature settings between 160-180 degrees C is good to smoke jerky in the Traeger grill. These low temperatures allow the smoke to completely penetrate through the meat slowly to get a more smoky flavour.


Jerky can be added to your meals as a side dish because it adds flavor to your meals. Cooking Jerky in the Traeger grill is the best way to get that delicious flavor out of it. Plus, cooking big batches of jerky at once ensures that you always have enough to eat. 

You just set your Traeger to the right temperature and the jerky will be ready. Usually, it takes 4-5 hours to cook jerky on Traeger grills at 160-180 degree C temperature settings. Cooking Jerky at a lower temperature ensures enhanced taste and flavor.