Can You Wash Throw Blankets With Clothes?

Throw blankets are the best to decorate your home with their vibrant colours and different styles. These are nowadays the most favoured indoor furniture. It goes very well with all kinds of furniture types and is usually draped over beds, chairs, sofa sets, or seating areas. These throw blankets enhance the aesthetics of your home and give you great comfort with their warmth and easy access. 

Keeping these throw blankets clean is important. Because whenever you wrap them, you should get a feeling of freshness and coziness. Cleaned throw blankets will smell nice and will be completely away from any dust or bacterial growth. Since these throw blankets are made from various fabrics, each different throw blanket will need extra care. 

You can easily clean one type of throw blanket in the washing machine, but the other kind you will need dry cleaning. So, whether you can wash them with other clothes is completely dependent on their fabric types. 

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How Do You Wash Throw Blankets?

You can wash your throw blankets in the washing machine together with other clothes or separately, depending upon its fabric type. Usually, cotton throw blankets can be cleaned easily in the washing machine together with other clothes. 

But if the fabric type is wool, you will need to wash it differently in the gentle mode with the help of a special type of detergent you will find in the market for cleaning wool. Also, velvet and other kinds of throw blankets sometimes need to be dry cleaned. So, seeing the label for washing instructions is mandatory while washing any kind of throw.

Can You Wash A Throw Blanket In The Washing Machine?

Depending upon the fabric material of your throw blanket, they can or can not be washed in the washing machine. You will need to check the instructions first to go ahead with the washing for any throw blanket you have at your home. 

Typically cotton throw blankets usually can be cleaned easily, but if you are using throw blankets made up of wool, fleece or faux fur, or any other kind of fabric type, it is better to look for the washing instructions. If you do not wash them as instructed, you may lose their colour, texture, or shape. So, be careful while washing throw blankets.

Should You Wash Throw Blankets Before Use?

Yes, it is good if you wash them before use, but it is not compulsory though. If you wash them before use, whatever dust or any kind of foreign materials stuck to the surface area of the throw blanket while going through the manufacturing process will be washed away. And you will get a fresh piece of new throw blanket that will smell nice.

Can I Wash Towels And Blankets Together?

No, it is not recommended at all to wash your throw blankets together with the towels even though they are washable and can be washed with other clothes together. Towels should always be washed separately, as they leave back the threads in the washing process, which then gets stuck to the other clothes, which are washed with them.

How Do You Clean A Fluffy Blanket Without Ruining It?

You can clean a fluffy blanket either by putting them in the washing machine on gentle wash or just simply washing it by hand with a bucket full of water. Fluffy blankets are delicate and should be washed in the way it is instructed. So, it will be better if you check the labels and then wash them and take proper precautions to avoid any colour fade and structural damage.

How Often Should Blankets Be Washed?

If you are just using them for decoration purposes, you may not need to wash them frequently, but if you are using them to cover yourself, it is suggested to wash them regularly. You should wash it every week if you are using it regularly. It will keep it fresh, and you can breathe fresh under it when you cover it as a blanket.

How Do I Keep My Blankets From Smelling?

The best way to keep your blankets from smelling is to wash them and dry them in the hot sun. The washing procedure will keep all the dirt and bacteria away from the surface, and it will smell fresh after every single wash. Nobody likes their blankets to smell or to get dirty either, and regular washing is the only solution to keep them from smelling.

Why Is My Blanket Rough After Washing?

Sometimes some fabrics need extra care and may get rough after washing because of usage of the wrong detergent or cleaning agent. So, it is always good to check with the washing instructions. And also, check with the manufacturers; sometimes, it may not be your mistake; it could be the fabric itself that becomes rough after washing. Also, it is recommended to wash your throw blankets in cold water to maintain their structure and smoothness.


Throw blankets are made from different fabrics and need a different type of care for each one. Whether to wash throw blankets with the other clothes is completely dependent on the fabric type that you have. Usually, cotton throw blankets can be washed together with other clothes, but all the other kinds of material require a little bit more care. Some may need a gentle wash, and some may need dry cleaning.