Polywood VS Breezesta: Which Is Better?

Polywood vs Breezesta – which is better? The question of whether to use polywood or breezesta has been asked countless times. Both are popular choices among people who want to keep their home cool during summer months.

But which one is better? In this article, I will compare both of these outdoor furniture’s and tell you which one is better.

But first let’s talk about Poly-Wood and Polywood so you won’t get confused between the two.

What Is Poly-Wood? The Company

Polywood is a manufacturer of structural plastic lumber from post consumer and post industrial recycled plastics that can be used for building homes, decks, patios, fences, playgrounds, etc. It’s made up of high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene.

They are the first company to make outdoor furniture out of recycled plastic which is made of Made with genuine POLYWOOD lumber.

Poly-Wood furniture is designed to last for many seasons.

What Is Polywood? The Material

The first thing that comes in mind when we think about polywood is the fact that it’s a type of wood made from recycled plastic bottles. This product is used for making upholstery fabrics as well as other types of indoor/outdoor furnishings such as cushions, rugs, etc. It can be easily found at most stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.

It was invented back in 1990 and the creation was inspire by the Make America Beautiful Campaign. Since then, they have continued to improve on its design and quality. Today, there are many different kinds of polywood available. They all come with various colors and patterns. Some even include UV protection features.

Where Is POLYWOOD Made From Exactly?

HDPE is the material that makes up most of our products and it’s an extremely strong yet light-weight polymer resin. It can be recycled over and over again with no loss in quality or performance. The only thing you need to know about this product is that it has been around for quite some time now.

What Is Breezesta?

Breezesta manufactures outdoor recycled poly furniture using high density polyethylene and recycled PET plastics, similar to Polywood. These materials make up the frame of the furniture while the cushioning layer is made out of foam rubber. 

Breezesta is a company founded in 1999 with the vision to create sustainable outdoor furniture purposefully. They are now one of the leading manufactures of recycled poly lumber and are t most durable furniture for the great outdoors. Their products transform your outdoor space into something that you can depend on for years to go.

Pros of Polywood Material?

1) Durability Polywood lasts longer than any other kind of wooden furniture because it doesn’t rot nor decay. You don’t have to worry about mold growth either since it won’t get wet.

2) Easy Maintenance – Unlike traditional woods, polywood requires very little maintenance. All you need to do is wipe off dirt and dust every once in awhile. If you’re worried about stains, just spray them away with water.

3) Versatility – Polywood can be used indoors too! Just take care not to put it near heat sources.

4) Light Weight – Compared to regular wood, polywood weighs less so it takes up much lesser amount of storage space.

5) Eco Friendly – Polywood uses 100% recyclable materials and does not require harmful chemicals to produce.

6) Cost Effective – Polywood costs significantly cheaper compared to other brands.

7) Ease Of Installation – Polywood is easy to install. Simply place it where you want it and attach it to the wall. No tools required.

8) Weatherproof – Polywood is resistant against rain, snow, wind, sun, insects, and termites.

So Which One You Should Choose?

Both company uses Polywood Lumber for their furnitures which are equally great and has the same properties. Now the question is, which brand you should go for?  Now their product is out of the equation since they are practically the same. Let’s now talk about other aspects of their company and which one might be better for you.


Both brands have long warranties which is around 20 years for Polywood and maximum of 25 years for Breezesta? So if you want a longer warranty Breezesta is hands down the better choice!
But it’s less likely you’ll hold on to your Polywood furniture that long and I’m pretty sure you’ll get bored and will surely buy a newer one before you reached that time frame.


Since Polywood is a more popular brand, they will normally have longer shipping due to higher demand. Polywood has a 10 day manufacturing lead time and 5 day shipping which is equal to 15 days of waiting. Breezesta on the other hand has a 48 hour quick shipping program that guarantees 48 hour shipping on selected products.

Design / Selection of Product

In terms of design and selection of product I find Polywood has more to choose from than Breezesta. So if you are a sucker in design, it will be much easier to choose from Polywood. But not to say Breezesta doesn’t have cool selection and variety of designs. In fact, they have a cool customization feature in terms of color and texture on their website. You can try and visit them here.


The pricing for both brands are most likely the same and don’t differ as much as per their pricing on their websites. But when you look at the actual price tag, Breezesta usually comes out slightly lower than Polywood.