Can Chimineas Explode? (Safety Tips)

It’s getting cold outside and you want to make your outdoor place a little cozy but the question that many of you are asking is whether a chiminea could explode when it gets too hot?

Now chimineas are great to sit outside on a cold winter night and enjoy the heat that they give off, some people even say that they are better than outdoor fireplaces; however, when the temperatures get too high the chiminea might explode which could be dangerous for you and your family.

Chimineas, otherwise known as outdoor fireplaces, are essentially a type of ceramic grill that holds fire to heat an outdoor patio area or any other type of open space area. Their design is a compromise between a stove and a fire pit. Chimineas tip points burn wood or charcoal while retaining most of its heat and firing up the backside.

When it is windy, chimineas can turn into a roaring inferno thus creating a serious risk of exploding.

Things To Consider

To prevent this from happening, you need to take certain precautions that will enable you to use your chimineas without worrying about explosions.

  • Elderly people are particularly at risk from the heat produced by a chiminea. Elderly persons should stay away from the chiminea if it gets too hot. They should also check if their chiminea came with the proper safety devices such as a platform with handles that can move the chiminea to a cool place in case it gets out of control.
  • A chiminea should be away from any structures, especially wooden fences and decks or anything else that it can fall on top of. It should only be used when it is placed on a flat, nonflammable surface like a concrete patio.
  • The coals should not be piled so high that they touch the sides of the vessel, and the chimnea should never be left unattended.The heat and smoke of a chimnea are dangerous; the smoke contains soot that can damage furniture, clothes and other household items.
  • The chimnea is not a toy. It should not be used to burn incense or fragrant herbs, as these can produce soot and/or emit toxic fumes.The chimnea should not be used to burn wood, pinecones, paper and other materials that can produce highly toxic fumes.
  • The chimney should never be blocked or the fire should not be left unattended. The chimney may permit sparks to shoot out of the top at night, which could ignite dry grass, leaves or surrounding combustible objects if placed too close.

So, Are Chimineas Safe To Use?

Chimineas are a type of residential patio heater. They differ from traditional fire pits since they have chimneys on top. This means they are very safe to have in your backyard as there is no open flame, thus avoiding the risk of starting a fire and diminishing its safety.

Chimineas can be great for those wishing to keep their patios warm during the winter months, while also adding an aesthetic taste of style to their beloved homes.

Is It Safe To Use A Chiminea With Cracks?

Ultimately, it would be the owners’ judgment call if they want to keep using their chimineas with cracks. If the cracks are small and not that visible, then it’s probably not a cause for concern because your chiminea could still last for years.

However, if the cracks are big and relatively visible, your chiminea could be compromised and could crumble. This would cause a major accident so you should be aware of your equipment’s condition all the time. 

How Can Chimineas Explode?

One of the possible reasons for the explosion of chimineas is the use of accelerants such as gasoline or lighter fluids. Some owners tend to use these accelerants to start the fire quickly. Little do they know that their chiminea’s and family’s safety could be at risk if they keep on doing this. 

Too much heat rising too quickly in chimineas can cause the walls to crack and shatter. In other words, they could explode. This explosion will surely spit out shrapnel and debris that could potentially injure everyone around the chiminea. On top of that, the explosion could also cause a harmful fire to the house next to it. 

If you would like to accelerate the fire in your chiminea, just use shredded woods, dry papers, or self-burning charcoals as an alternative to accelerants like gasoline.

Chiminea Safety Tips

Now that we have answered the question “Can Chimineas Explode?”, Here are five (5) Safety Tips Every Chiminea Owner Should be Aware of:

Keep The Chiminea Away From Flammable Objects

It is not a good idea to put chimineas underneath awnings, lawn shades, near dry pieces of wood, shed, or other flammable objects. Of course, the main reason is that it could end up starting a fire. A fire that could potentially affect your family and guests’ safeties. 

The draft of the smoke created by the chiminea is directed upwards so it is not recommended to put a flammable material right on top of it. This draft could send sparks to flammable materials such as wooden ceilings, awnings, and sheds and they could easily catch fire.

Do Not Touch Your Chiminea While It Is Being Used

Naturally, chimineas get hot especially when they already reached a full burn. This is why owners must keep guests, especially kids, away from the chiminea. It is better to prevent having burns than worry about how to treat them.

Some owners decide to put up a wall around the chiminea to warn guests and even family members that it is dangerous to go near it. 

Use The Proper Tinder

Using the proper kind of tinder to ignite the fire for your chiminea is the best practice to avoid accidents such as explosions. This could also help you prolong the life of your chiminea and also produce the best smoke and aroma out of them.

Do Not Create Large Fires

Creating large fires from your chimineas can of course cause a potential disaster for your supposedly happy picnic day. On top of that, it could also cause permanent damages to your chiminea.

Use Your Common Sense

This is the most common and important thing that people forget when they start using their chimineas. Remember, always think before you act. Our parents have always told us to never play with fire. Being an adult doesn’t change that. 


Chimineas are beautiful pieces of outdoor fireplaces that can be used safely. However, it’s vital to prioritize safety when using them. When usage guidelines are followed and safety standards for chimineas are observed, these unique structures can bring a lot of enjoyment to people who relax and socialize in their presence.