When Is Pati’s Mexican Table on

Are you wondering when you can catch the mouthwatering episodes of Pati’s Mexican Table? Look no further! This article will provide you with the schedule and air dates of the show, as well as the time and channel it airs on.

Additionally, you’ll find a helpful weekly episode guide and details about the upcoming season premiere. And don’t worry if you miss an episode, we’ve got you covered with information on catching the reruns.

Let’s dive into the delicious world of Pati’s Mexican Table!

Key Takeaways

  • Pati’s Mexican Table airs on PBS at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • The show’s airing times can vary, so it’s recommended to check local listings for the most up-to-date schedule.
  • Reruns of Pati’s Mexican Table are readily available on the official website or streaming platforms.
  • The upcoming season of Pati’s Mexican Table will explore different regions of Mexico and their unique flavors.

Schedule and Air Dates

When’s Pati’s Mexican Table on?

Pati’s Mexican Table is a popular cooking show that airs on various days and times. The show features renowned chef Pati Jinich as she explores the vibrant and diverse world of Mexican cuisine.

The airing times of the show can vary, so it’s a good idea to check your local listings for the most up-to-date schedule.

Each episode of Pati’s Mexican Table is filled with delicious recipes, cultural insights, and personal stories from Pati herself. From traditional dishes like enchiladas and tamales to modern twists on Mexican favorites, the show offers a wide range of culinary delights.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out in the kitchen, Pati’s Mexican Table is sure to inspire and satisfy your appetite for Mexican cuisine.

Time and Channel

You can find the show on at what time and channel?

‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ airs on PBS at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. The show is hosted by Pati Jinich, a Mexican chef and cookbook author.

Here are three key things to know about the show’s schedule and channel:

  • The show airs on PBS, a public television network known for its high-quality programming.
  • ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ is a culinary show that focuses on Mexican cuisine and culture. Pati takes viewers on a journey through Mexico, exploring different regions and their unique flavors.
  • The show’s time slot of 9:00 PM Eastern Time allows viewers to relax and enjoy Pati’s delicious recipes and engaging storytelling after a long day.

Weekly Episode Guide

For an overview of the weekly episodes, check out the episode guide for ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ on PBS. The show features a variety of delicious recipes and cooking techniques that will transport you to the vibrant flavors of Mexico. Each week, Pati Jinich, the host of the show, introduces viewers to a new culinary adventure, showcasing traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist. From mouth-watering tacos and enchiladas to refreshing salsas and desserts, Pati’s Mexican Table has something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, Pati’s easy-to-follow recipes and helpful cooking tips will inspire you to bring the flavors of Mexico into your own home. So tune in and get ready to experience the joy of cooking authentic Mexican cuisine.

Episode Number Title Air Date
1 Tacos 05/01/21
2 Enchiladas 12/01/21
3 Salsas 19/01/21

Upcoming Season Premiere

Get ready! The upcoming season premiere of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ will transport viewers to Mexico with its vibrant flavors and mouth-watering dishes.

  • Exciting new episodes: The upcoming season of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ promises to bring exciting new episodes filled with delicious recipes and cultural insights. From traditional favorites to innovative twists, each episode will showcase the diverse and rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

  • New host announcement: In addition to the upcoming episodes, there is also a new host announcement. Pati Jinich, the talented and passionate chef behind ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’, will continue to guide viewers through the vibrant world of Mexican cuisine with her expertise and infectious enthusiasm.

  • A culinary journey: Viewers can look forward to embarking on a culinary journey through Mexico, exploring different regions and their unique flavors. From street food to home-cooked meals, ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ will celebrate the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine and the stories behind each dish.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming season premiere of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ as it brings you the best of Mexican cuisine and culture right into your living room. Get ready to be inspired and tantalize your taste buds!

Catching the Reruns

Catching the reruns of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ is a great way to relive the culinary journey through Mexico and indulge in delicious recipes from different regions. If you missed an episode or simply want to watch it again, you’ll be happy to know that rerun availability for ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ is plentiful.

You can find past episodes of the show on various platforms and streaming services. One option is to check your local TV listings to see if any channels are currently airing reruns of the show. Additionally, you can visit the official website of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ or other streaming platforms to find a selection of past episodes that you can watch at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seasons of Pati’s Mexican Table Have Been Aired so Far?

Pati’s Mexican Table has aired multiple seasons. The show’s impact on Mexican cuisine is evident through the popularity of its recipes.

Who Is the Host of Pati’s Mexican Table?

Pati Jinich is the host of Pati’s Mexican Table. She has been hosting the show for 10 seasons, where she showcases her cooking techniques and traditional Mexican recipes.

What Is the Format of the Show?

In Pati’s Mexican Table, you’ll learn cooking techniques and discover traditional Mexican recipes. Pati, the host, brings the vibrant flavors of Mexico to your screen, making it a delightful culinary experience.

Are There Any Celebrity Guest Appearances in the Upcoming Season?

In the upcoming season of Pati’s Mexican Table, you can expect to see celebrity chefs making guest appearances. They will share their expertise and showcase the latest Mexican cuisine trends.

Is Pati’s Mexican Table Available for Streaming on Any Online Platforms?

Pati’s Mexican Table is available for streaming on various online platforms. You can find her popular recipes and enjoy her show whenever and wherever you want.