How To Remove Grease From Composite Decking

If you have composite decking, you know that it is a low-maintenance option for your outdoor living space. However, even composite decking can get dirty and stained over time, especially if you are cooking or grilling on it.

One of the most common stains on composite decking is grease, which can be tough to remove if left untreated. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to remove grease from your composite decking without damaging the material.

In this article, we will go over some of the best ways to tackle grease stains on your deck so you can keep it looking clean and beautiful year-round. Whether you are planning on hosting a party or simply want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon outside, a little bit of effort can go a long way in keeping your outdoor space in tip-top shape.

So let’s dive into how to remove grease from composite decking!

Identifying Grease Stains On Your Deck

Your composite decking is a beautiful addition to your home, but unfortunately, it is not immune to grease stains. Grease can come from many sources, such as cooking on the deck or accidental spills.

If you have noticed grease stains on your deck, it’s important to identify them correctly so that you can effectively remove them. The first step in identifying grease stains on your deck is to inspect the surface carefully. Grease stains appear as dark spots and may be accompanied by a greasy residue.

If you’re unsure whether a spot is grease or something else, try wiping it with a clean cloth. If the stain smears and leaves behind an oily residue, then it’s likely grease. Once you’ve identified that the stain is indeed grease, take note of its location and severity.

Small spots are easier to clean than large ones, and some areas of the deck may require more attention than others. Knowing where the stains are will help you focus your efforts on those areas and ensure that you don’t miss any spots during cleaning.

Preparing Your Deck For Cleaning

Now that you have identified the grease stains on your composite decking, it’s time to prepare your deck for cleaning. This step is crucial as it will help you remove the grease stains more effectively.

First, remove any debris such as leaves, dirt or twigs from the surface of your deck using a broom or blower. This will prevent any further damage to your deck during cleaning.

Next, wet your deck with water and apply a composite deck cleaner using a brush or sprayer. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the cleaner.

Let the cleaner sit on the surface of your deck for at least 15 minutes before rinsing off with water. Remember not to use hot water as it can damage your composite decking.

After rinsing off the cleaner, inspect the areas where grease stains were present. If there are still some stubborn stains left, use a soft-bristled brush and some dish soap mixed in warm water to scrub them away gently.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water and let your deck dry completely before using it again. With these simple steps, you can easily remove grease from your composite decking and keep it looking new for years to come!

Using Household Items To Remove Grease

Removing grease from composite decking can be a daunting task. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive products to get the job done. There are many household items that you can use to remove grease from your composite decking.

One of the most effective household items for removing grease is dish soap. Simply mix dish soap with warm water and apply it to the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub the area with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary.

Another household item that can help remove grease is baking soda. Mix baking soda with water to form a paste and apply it to the greasy area. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with water until all the baking soda is removed.

By using these simple household items, you can effectively remove grease from your composite decking without spending too much money on specialized products. Remember to always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first before applying it to larger areas of your deck.

Applying Commercial Cleaners To Your Deck

Choosing a cleaner is important when it comes to applying commercial cleaners to your deck. Make sure it’s one that’s specifically designed for composite decking.

When applying the cleaner, be sure to wear protective clothing and safety goggles. Apply the cleaner to the deck with a soft brush and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with a hose.

When cleaning up afterwards, use a mild detergent to remove any remaining residue. Finally, make sure to rinse the deck thoroughly with clean water to avoid any damage.

Choosing A Cleaner

Grease stains on composite decking can be an eyesore, but with the right cleaner, they can be removed easily. Choosing a cleaner that is specifically formulated for use on composite decking is important to ensure that you don’t damage the surface of your deck. Look for cleaners that are biodegradable and non-toxic, as these are safer for your family and pets.

When selecting a cleaner, it’s also important to consider the type of grease stain you’re dealing with. If it’s a fresh spill, a mild detergent or dish soap can do the trick. For tougher stains, look for a cleaner that contains oxalic acid or sodium hypochlorite. These ingredients are effective at breaking down grease and other stubborn stains.

Before applying any cleaner to your deck, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Some cleaners require dilution or specific application methods.

It’s also important to test the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area of your deck before using it on larger stains. This will ensure that the cleaner doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage to your decking material.

Applying The Cleaner

Now that you have selected the right cleaner for your composite decking and identified the type of grease stain you’re dealing with, it’s time to apply the cleaner.

Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that the weather conditions are suitable. Ideally, it’s best to clean your deck on a dry day when temperatures are moderate.

Start by removing any loose debris from your deck using a broom or leaf blower.

Next, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for diluting the cleaner if necessary.

Apply the cleaner evenly across your deck using a brush or sprayer, ensuring that you cover all areas with stains.

Allow the cleaner to sit on your deck for at least 15 minutes or as directed by the manufacturer before rinsing it off with a garden hose or pressure washer.

Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of cleaner from your deck surface.

Avoid leaving any residue behind as it can attract dirt and grime over time.

With these steps in mind, applying commercial cleaners to your deck will be easier and more effective in removing tough stains like grease.

Cleaning Up Afterwards

Now that you’ve successfully applied the commercial cleaner to your composite decking and removed those tough grease stains, it’s time to clean up.

Cleaning up afterwards is just as important as applying the cleaner effectively. Leaving any residue behind can attract dirt and grime over time, leading to even tougher stains in the future.

Start by rinsing off your deck thoroughly with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove all traces of cleaner from the surface. Be sure to rinse any nearby plants or grass as well, as some cleaners can be harmful to vegetation.

After rinsing, take a close look at your deck surface and make sure there are no remaining stains or debris left behind. If there are still some spots that need attention, repeat the cleaning process again until satisfied.

Once you’re confident that your deck is fully cleaned, allow it to dry completely before using it again. Depending on the weather conditions, this may take several hours or even a full day.

Avoid walking on your deck while it’s wet or damp, as this can lead to slips and falls. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your composite decking will look great for years to come!

Power Washing Your Composite Decking

Power washing your composite decking is an effective way to remove stubborn grease stains. To do this, you will need a power washer with a pressure of at least 3,000 psi.

Begin by sweeping the deck to remove any loose debris, then wet the deck surface before applying a deck cleaner. Allow the cleaner to soak for about 15 minutes before using the power washer to rinse off the surface.

When using a power washer, always keep the nozzle at least 6 inches away from the surface and move it in a sweeping motion. Avoid using too much pressure as this can damage the decking material.

If you have any trouble removing stubborn stains, consider using a specialized composite decking cleaner or consulting a professional.

After power washing your composite decking, allow it to dry completely before applying any sealers or stains. This will ensure that the surface is clean and free of dirt and debris, which can affect the effectiveness of these products.

Regularly cleaning your composite decking will help maintain its appearance and prevent future stains from setting in.

Preventing Grease Stains In The Future

Imagine your composite decking as a blank canvas and grease as an unwanted paint stroke. Just like a painter would protect their canvas, you want to protect your decking from future grease stains.

Here are some simple tips to prevent grease stains in the future:

  • Cook on a mat: Whether you’re grilling or frying, placing a grill mat or splatter mat beneath your cooking area will catch any drips or spills.
  • Use a splatter screen: If you’re frying food, use a splatter screen to contain any oil splatters.
  • Clean up spills immediately: Don’t let grease sit on your deck for too long. As soon as you notice a spill, clean it up with warm soapy water.

By taking preventative measures, you can keep your composite decking looking clean and pristine. When hosting outdoor gatherings, the last thing you want is for guests to avoid walking on your deck due to unsightly stains.

Remember these simple tips and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space. Your composite decking is an investment that adds value to your home. Protecting it means protecting that investment.

By following these preventative measures, you’ll not only save yourself time and energy cleaning up grease stains but also add years of life to your decking. So go ahead and enjoy those summer barbecues without worrying about damaging your deck!

Maintaining Your Composite Decking’s Appearance

Fortunately, if you do find grease stains on your composite decking, it’s not the end of the world. There are a few methods you can use to remove those pesky stains and restore your deck’s appearance.

One option is to use a degreaser specifically designed for composite decking. These products are available at most home improvement stores and can be applied with a scrub brush or power washer. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and rinse thoroughly after application.

If you don’t want to use a chemical degreaser, there are also some household items that may do the trick. Try using baking soda or white vinegar mixed with water to create a paste, which can be applied directly to the stain and scrubbed with a brush. You can also try using dish soap or laundry detergent diluted in water. Again, be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Maintaining your composite decking’s appearance is key to preventing future grease stains from occurring. Regularly sweeping or blowing off debris, such as leaves and dirt, can help prevent buildup that could lead to staining. Additionally, avoid leaving oily or greasy items on your deck for long periods of time and clean up any spills immediately.

With these simple steps, you can keep your composite decking looking great for years to come!


In conclusion, removing grease stains from your composite decking is a task that requires patience and the right tools. With a little bit of effort, you can get rid of those unsightly marks and restore the pristine look of your outdoor space. Remember to always identify the type of stain before starting any cleaning process to avoid damaging your deck.

Maintaining your composite decking’s appearance is crucial to its longevity, just like taking care of yourself helps you live longer. Use preventative measures such as using mats or grill pads to keep grease from staining your deck in the future.

And don’t forget to regularly clean and power wash your deck to keep it looking like new. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, so take care of it as you would any other part of your living space.