Do Outdoor Rugs Attract Bugs?

Outdoor rugs are specially designed for outdoor use. Whether you’re decorating the patio, a deck or balcony, kids’ play area or a pet area, outdoor rugs are the perfect addition to your space. They come in all shapes and sizes, from round to rectangular, large to small and they can be made of different materials including wool, canvas and synthetic fibers.

Can outdoor rugs be left outside?

Outdoor rugs are designed to be durable and low-maintenance, but they’re not invincible. Leaving them outside will inevitably lead to signs of normal wear, so it’s best to take the rug inside if you want to prevent that. However, many outdoor rugs are made with fade-resistant materials that can withstand some exposure to the elements, so if you really like having your rug outside, you might be able to get away with leaving it out there for a few days at a time without seeing any major repercussions.

Are bugs attracted to rugs?

You might be surprised to hear that bugs are attracted to rugs.
Rugs come in all shapes and sizes. Bugs like rugs because they’re soft, warm, and welcoming. Bugs don’t have legs so they like to sit on things that feel good, and rugs are a comfortable place to sit after a long day of being a bug.

Here are some reasons why bugs are attracted to rugs:

Carpet fibers are the perfect shape for hiding bugs. Bugs also like rugs because they can hide inside them. Bugs are afraid of lights and people, so the rug is a great place for them to hide, especially if the rug is located in a dark corner or under a bed.
Carpet fibers provide the perfect environment for tiny creatures to thrive.
Carpet fibers are the perfect place for bugs to lay eggs.
Carpet can be a source of food for bugs.

The padding underneath carpet is often made of rubber, which is attractive to certain types of bugs.
If you want bugs not to be attracted to your rugs, put your rugs into the washing machine every once in awhile. This will get rid of the yummy food smells that bugs love and will make it harder for them to find places to hide inside your rug.

What kind of bugs live in rug?

Rugs are often not cleaned as regularly as floors, so they can have more natural fibers and also more dust than a floor. If you have a rug, you might have noticed some bugs that live there: beetles, flies, spiders, and even mice.

The most common bugs live rugs are beetles. Some of these beetles eat mold and mildew, while others eat the dead bodies of other creatures that have died in the rug. Beetles often live in rugs if the rug is made out of animal hair such as wool or fur.


Cockroaches are one of the most common, along with dust mites, carpet beetles, and fleas. Cockroaches love to eat the glue that holds rugs together. Cockroaches thrive in a rug that isn’t cleaned, so if yours looks like it’s never been washed or vacuumed, you’re probably hosting some house guests.


Flies are a common bug you can find in rugs. They are small but noticeable, and they make a zzzzzz sound that is hard to miss when they fly.

Flies have dark bodies, which makes them easy to spot on light-colored rugs. In addition, flies are attracted to food, so if you’ve spilled anything on your rug lately, it’s likely that you will see flies near the spill.


Mice live in rugs and eat all of the gross stuff it picks up on its journey through life. They then poop it out into little pellets that get mixed in with the fibers and make for a much more sanitary rug than if you didn’t have the mice. If there weren’t any mice living in your rug, you’d probably step on way more poop than you want to think about! And then you’d have an un-sanitary rug!


Spiders aren’t actually bugs, but they’re still arthropods—which makes them bugs in a very loose sense of the word.
These arthropod pests enjoy hiding under rugs, where they can spin their webs in peace and feast on unsuspecting victims who happen to walk across the carpet. In fact, almost any type of rug might have spiders living underneath it: wool rugs, silk rugs, cotton rugs—even those made out of plastic!

What’s more, there are hundreds and hundreds of different types of spiders that can call a rug home. Some are enormous and horrifying; others are tiny and cute.

How do you keep bugs out of outdoor rugs?

It’s important to keep bugs out of your rug so that they don’t start to eat it and ruin it. There are several things you can do to keep bugs out of your rug, and the best thing to do is a combination of several methods, because no one control method will get rid of all the bugs.

First, make sure you don’t leave food or crumbs on the rug, as this will attract bugs.
Second, vacuum and/or sweep the rug frequently. This will help get rid of any dead bugs that might be hanging around the rug.

Third, use a bug spray designed specifically for outdoor rugs.

Finally, consider using a steam cleaner on your rug. Steam cleaning is a great way to kill all sorts of bugs without having to use chemicals!

Does mold grow under outdoor rugs?

Mold can grow under an outdoor rug. The key thing to keep in mind when you’re trying to prevent mold growth is that mold needs moisture to thrive. Your best bet for keeping mold at bay is to make sure your rug and the space beneath it stays as dry as possible.
Let’s start with how you can help your rug stay drier:

  • If possible, put your rug in a place where it won’t get as much rain or snow on it—for example, underneath an overhang or under a porch roof.
  • If your rug is extra absorbent, try laying a tarp (or something similar) under the rug to help keep water away from the ground below.
  • Regularly shake out, sweep, or vacuum your rug so it doesn’t have time to collect moisture.
  • If necessary, bring in the rug during heavy storms and store it indoors until the weather clears up.
    If you do notice any mold has begun to grow underneath your rug, you can clean most types of mold off of hard surfaces by scrubbing them with a mixture of bleach and water (be sure to follow all safety precautions when mixing these!).