Do Outdoor Lights Attract Snakes? (The Answer Is Surprising!)

We raised this question in our home decades ago when we moved into a newly-constructed home on the side of a wooded hill. My wife and I soon discovered that our home was lit brightly by a dozen or so outdoor Christmas lights. It seemed to me that lots of lights would attract critters of all kinds, including snakes. But do snakes like to hang around bright lights? I did some research to find out.

The answer to this question is not very clear. It is said that a light attracts both insects and birds, and this means snakes will tend to go near an outdoor lights because that is where they can find food. Outdoor lights are not typically enough to lure snakes. They have a much better chance of attracting bats, birds, and insects.

You should now know the answer to the question “Do Outdoor Lights Attract Snakes?” But what about other common questions such as “Can I use Outdoor Lights to repel snakes?” Let’s continue reading to find out what Outdoor Lighting can do for you!

What Attracts Snakes On Your Backyard?

Snakes like to live in areas with plenty of water. They can be found on and in the ground, on fences, and even on the sides of buildings. They also like to use natural areas that are densely populated, so your yard is a perfect place for a snake to live.

Tips To Keeps Snakes Away From Your Property

If you see one, don’t panic—it’s probably just looking for somewhere warm to sleep during cold nights. You may want to try using these tips to help keep them away from your property:

  1. Keep grass mowed short. This keeps it cool and helps prevent snakes from hiding there.
  2. Don’t leave any trash lying around. That includes pet waste, which is full of bacteria that could make a great meal for a hungry snake.
  3. Check your gutters regularly. A lot of snakes end up trapped in gutter systems. Make sure they’re clean before winter sets in.
  4. Use motion sensors if you need to protect against intruders. These devices work well at keeping animals away from your house. 
  5. Place rocks along walkways. This makes it harder for snakes to climb over them.
  6. Plant bushes and trees next to paths. This creates more obstacles for snakes to navigate.
  7. Consider installing a fence. Fencing works best if you put it between two properties rather than across a driveway.

8) Try spraying repellent onto plants. Some gardeners swear by citronella oil spray. Others prefer garlic sprays. Either way, you’ll need to test different concentrations until you get the right amount.

Can You Use Outdoor Lights To Repel Snakes?

Outdoor lights are not a good option for repelling snakes. The reason why is simple; most reptiles aren’t attracted to artificial lighting. If anything, they might mistake the light for prey. So while you won’t be able to stop them from coming inside, you can reduce their chances of finding shelter here.

How Do Outdoor Lights Work For Wildlife Control?

There are several reasons why wildlife control experts recommend using outdoor lighting instead of traditional methods. First, it doesn’t require chemicals. Second, it isn’t harmful to humans or pets. Third, it has no negative impact on the environment. Fourth, it’s easy to set up and maintain. Finally, it costs less money than traps and pesticides.