Can You Paint Polywood? (Great Color Ideas)

Polywood is a type of synthetic wood made to look exactly like real wood. Because it has all the aesthetic qualities of cedar, pine, and oak, many people are wondering if you can paint it.

You can paint Polywood, just not with harsh paint strippers or chemicals. Firstly, choose a good quality primer that has been made for exterior plastics. Secondly, make sure the surface is thoroughly clean and dry before applying the primer.

Can You Spray Paint Polywood?

Rather than just stained on its outer surface, a Polywood’s color is infused all throughout the material. This means that there is no need for you to paint the products made from this material.

But if you like, yes you can spray paint Polywood as it can provide excellent coverage, reliable finish, and even better aesthetics. Not only that, spray painting can also make the product last longer.

Spray painting is also a better option than using a brush if you want to finish painting faster. But remember, the type of paint matters. So make sure that the spray paint that you would use is specifically formulated for use with plastics.

Should You Sand Polywood Before Painting?

Polywood should not be completely resurfaced by a sand paper as it will just scratch the exterior of the material. What you just need to do is to clean it before going to the process of painting.

Yet, if minor scratches are present, buffing the Polywood with light sanding is acceptable before painting in order to smoothen the surface evenly. This should be done in moderation to prevent color and texture differences.

How To Paint Polywood?

There are several things to consider in painting Polywood so that it is done properly, since Polywood painting can be a bit tricky.

Firstly, you need to prepare the surface. Thoroughly clean the surface in order to remove any excess dirt and contaminants that are present, as it can affect and ruin the finishing of the painted Polywood. Make sure to dry the surface completely before beginning to paint.

Take note that you should not apply any kind of paint directly onto the surface of the Polywood. Likewise, paint and primer combined product is also not recommended.

Such coverings will not adhere to its surface. This is because the surface of Polywood was designed to resist and repel those kind of products. If you push to apply the paint directly or use a paint and primer in one, it may dry up to the surface but will begin to chip and peel in no time.

What you need to do it to apply a correct primer first – it is the key to painting almost any surface. Primers will act like a double stick tape, which will provide an adhering surface that the paint can lock onto.

Completely dry the primer, then apply the paint either with the use of a brush or with a spray paint. Using a brush will enable you to have more control over the finish but is obviously more time-consuming than painting with a spray paint.

It’s your choice on what method to use but make sure to check that the paint you are using is formulated for plastics, since Polywood is made entirely of High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastics.

Through following all these steps, you can have a better looking and newly painted Polywood that will not be easily peeled off. At the same time, it can also serve as an exterior protection for your Polywood furniture/items to last for a longer time.

Color Ideas For Patio Furniture

If you’re searching for best paint colors for patio furniture, you are in the right place. In this section we listed some popular fresh and admirable patio paints. You can choose any of our suggested ideas from this list.


White chairs are especially popular because they allow you to coordinate them with a variety furniture styles. White is neutral and works with any color scheme. It requires simple care, but usually means you’ll need to paint or stain the furniture every few years.

Dark Blue/Teals/Greens

Dark or rich colored furniture, such as solid blue or brown, is ideal to create a peaceful atmosphere.

To get a nautical theme, look for solid teals and greens that will work well with Sea foam or cool grey paint colors.

These colors are ideal to use in nautical themes. Perfect for a swimming pool. A beautiful and natural color for patio furniture when combined with ivory or metallic pillow cases.

Natural Colors

Breathe new life into your space with neutrals. Lush forest greens and pristine white look beautiful on furniture. You can choose pillows that either match, such as green and white striped pillows on dark green metal, or make a classy relaxing statement by choosing metallic or off-white fabric pillows.

Vivid Colors

Vivid colors are relatively new for outdoor furniture. Bright oranges and reds look fantastic when there are fiesta lights or lanterns hanging above. It’s popular these days to create themes and infuse colors to help accent.

Jewel-tone violets look dramatic when paired with bright yellow and orange pillows. These funky, bold colors will bring more attention to where the party is and make it easy to set up for birthdays and other festivities.


In conlusion, polywood products are extremely durable and will ensure that you have a product which will last long.

At the same time, you can also paint the polywood furniture with any color that is of your choice as it is known to be very resistant to abrasion and scratches.

You can use spray paints such as matte, gloss, crackle, and glitter. All these paints are safe for the polywood when used properly.