Can You Drill Into Polywood?

Polywood is famous for being one of the toughest, most durable and long lasting fence materials on the market. They’ve been around for over 50 years and have seen deals of success. They’re really, really tough. So tough in fact, that many people ask if they can drill into polywood.

So in this short article we are going to discuss whether you can drill on Polywood and other stuffs you can do on your Polywood.

Yes, if you use a small enough drill and low-speed, you can drill into Polywood. You’ll need to make sure that your wood is dry before drilling though – otherwise there will be splinters everywhere!

If you do want to drill though it, then I would recommend using a 1/4″ bit instead of a 3/8″. The reason being that when you use a larger diameter bit, there are more chances of hitting something else in the wall while drilling.

I’ve done it myself with an old hand-drill I had lying around the house. It’s not pretty but it works fine for me.

Also, you can watch this video exactly how to Drill on a hard plastic material like Polywood:

Will Polywood Not Crack If You Drill On It?

The answer is yes! But it depends on how deep you go with a hole saw or power tool like an impact driver. The deeper you go, the more likely you will crack the wood. And once cracked, there isn’t much you can do about it.

But don’t worry because even though drilling through Polywood may be difficult, it’s not impossible.

If you want to drill on Polywood, the best way to do it is through a hole saw. A hole saw has a very thin blade which can be used to cut through wood and plastic without cracking or splintering. There are other tools that can be used such as an impact driver but they have bigger blades so there’s more chance of cracking the wood when drilling into polywood with them.

It takes some practice but once you get the hang of it, drilling holes in Polywood will become second nature. With any power tool we recommend wearing protective gear like goggles and gloves just in case something goes wrong while using these tools for their intended purpose.

Can You Use A Wood Drill?

If you’re looking at buying a new drill then you might want to consider getting something else instead. Because while some drills work well for drilling holes in wood, others just won’t cut it.

For example, my cheapo cordless screwdriver has no problem driving screws into wood, but when it comes to drilling, it struggles.

And so does my cheapo electric drill. Both these tools struggle to get any kind of depth into the material.

In contrast, my Bosch Power Tools gets great results from both drilling and screwing.

It also features variable speed control which makes it easy to adjust between slow speeds for drilling and fast speeds for screwdriving. It’s worth noting that all the drills mentioned above are battery powered. This means that you can take them anywhere without having to plug them in.

Can You Screw On A Polywood?

Yes, of course you can screw on a Polywood . It’s just like any other wood!

You don’t have to worry about it splitting or anything because the material is so strong and dense that it won’t split even if you hit it with an axe.

It will be fine for your project as long as you’re not drilling through it.

Will Drilling On Polywood Furniture Void The Warranty?

Drilling Polywood furniture will likely void the warranty if the vendor you bought it from has not informed you it is okay to drill or if it’s in their fine print.

Always make sure to check the details of their warranty and fine print first before buying a furniture and check their warranty page to see what they say about drilling holes in their product.