Best Color Patio Umbrella To Block Sun?

Are you looking for the best patio umbrella to protect yourself from the sun while enjoying your patio? Are you wondering which – black or white is better? Rule of thumb says that it’s the black color that makes the room look cozier and more elegant.

However, it’s important to choose the right color umbrella so you have an enjoyable time relaxing on your patio more than worrying that you are sitting in the middle of a burning oven. 

Best color for patio umbrella to block sun and for sun protection? 

The best color of a patio umbrella is black. Black is the best color because it will block the most amount of UV rays. In fact the more tightly woven fabric the better. This is true for all outdoor fabrics such as outdoor rugs and outdoor furniture covers.  

Here’s why:  

Black absorbs light and heat better than other colors. This is also why black cars in summer heat up faster than white ones. The more tightly woven the fabric, the less light and heat it allows through to be absorbed by your skin.  

Another reason that a black umbrella is best for blocking UV rays is because it reflects less light and heat back towards you. This may seem counter intuitive but bear with me here! When light hits a surface, part of that light bounces off at an angle equal to the angle of incidence (the angle at which it hit) and part of that light bounces directly back from the surface.  

Light reflected directly back from a surface carries with it some of its original energy, while light that bounces off at an angle carries much less of its original energy with it. This means that if you are under an umbrella that has a color other than black, you will absorb more of the UV rays coming down on you, which can be very dangerous for your skin over time. 

Patio umbrella uv protection 

New research shows that a typical patio umbrella can block more than three-quarters of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The results are good news for people who have sensitive skin or who burn easily and should prompt consumers to look for the highest UPF rating possible when buying an umbrella.  

Tests performed at Emory University in Atlanta showed that most patio umbrellas blocked between 77 percent and 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, depending on the fabric used in their construction. 

How important is the color? 

The color of an umbrella is not the most important factor for blocking UV rays. The shade will work equally well with a white, black or any other colored umbrella.  

The fabric on the other hand is important. You should choose a shade that is made from tightly woven fabric, preferably one that has a UV protection factor of 50 or higher. This will help keep you cool in the shade while protecting you from harmful UV rays. 

Is black patio umbrella good for summer? 

The answer is yes. The black colour umbrella absorbs the heat while white colour reflects the heat radiation. The contrast between black and white causes to absorb the heat energy from sun so it will be protected from the sun’s heat and enjoy the cool summer day.  

Moreover, you should not only consider about the colour of your patio umbrella, but also its size and shape. In order to get a good shade, you may need to buy a few umbrellas of different sizes.  

A large patio umbrella is more suitable for a big patio while a small one is more suitable for small spaces. So don’t hesitate to buy as many as you need because getting new unique-looking umbrellas will surely bring an elegant look to your patio! 

Other colors for patio umbrella that can block the sunlight well 

What are the other colors for patio umbrella that can block the sunlight well? Based on our experience and research, we recommend you not to buy a white one. It may block the sunlight, but it also makes it hot under the umbrella.  

Backyard is a place for you to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight with your family members. To block the sun from getting into your backyard, use a lawn umbrella with other colors. Garden umbrella is made up of polyester fabric and aluminum pole.  

You can choose any color you want based on the needs of your garden. Besides black or brown, dark green color is also able to block the sunlight well. If you want to use it in winter time, pick a dark color that works well in cold weather.  

The color of your garden umbrella depends on your personal taste, but always consider how much light it will absorb when you’re buying a new one. 

Does a black patio umbrella make it hotter? 

Black patio umbrellas are a darker color, so therefore they absorb more heat because they are not able to reflect much light. However, it is still possible for black umbrellas to cool you down in hot weather.  

This occurs when the sun’s rays hit the umbrella and then within the umbrella where a cooling effect occurs. When this happens, consider replacing your old tattered decor and add some new colors of Umbrella’s to your patio, as well as think about getting out some new table and chairs. 

Because black umbrellas absorb so much more heat than any other color, it does make sense that they can be warmer than other parasols. However, you may have to consider the amount of time you’ll be out in the sun when choosing your umbrella color.  

Black umbrellas are effective at blocking UV rays for longer periods of time, but if you’re only going to spend a little bit of time in the sun, then a colorful option might be better. 

In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference. The best way to find out if black umbrellas indeed keep you cooler is to test one out for yourself: bring the umbrella in the shade and test it with a color meter, or ask your friends with black umbrellas if they feel cooler under them. They might be able to tell you otherwise, but if you really want to know the truth, you should try it yourself. 


The best color to choose when buying an outdoor umbrella is black. Black will block the most amount of UVA and UVB rays and thus give you, your friends and loved ones the greatest amount of sun protection–and help keep your patio furniture longer too. 

However, color is not the only factor how well a patio umbrella blocks the sun’s rays. If a patio umbrella is not made with tightly woven fabric (it will let light pass through creating a transparent effect) then it won’t block the sun’s rays. This is true of all fabrics used outdoors, whether it be outdoor rugs or outdoor furniture covers.